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Maxxis ESC Stan’s Enduro Series #1 at Diamond Hill Information

MAXXIS ESC Stan’s Enduro at Diamond Hill, Cumberland, RI

** NOTE: All riders at Diamond Hill Saturday and Sunday must be registered racers with number plates. Can you imagine if all 300+ racers brought a friend?

Hello everyone and thank you so much for the incredible response to the Maxxis ESC’s first event of 2022! 

Ok let’s get it on!!!

George and Chris

Thank You for registering for the first MAXXIS ESC Enduro of 2022. We are excited to heading back to one of our most popular venues and get the season started on schedule!!!

This event is completely sold out and no onsite registrations will be available.

There will be a Mandatory Racers Meeting at 8:30am Sunday

Please watch our Virtual Racer Meeting as we will not cover this info at the live meeting HERE

If you have not pre- purchased your required 2022 Maxxis ESC Number Plate, you can buy one at the registration tents. The cost is $10 (cash only) and are to be used for the entire 2022 race season. The high-quality Box race plate normally retails for $25.

There are no ATMs onsite.

No vehicles allowed inside the gate

All camping and parking is in the paved parking lot, so please plan accordingly. No vehicles allowed inside the gate. The Camping fee is $30 per vehicle and will be collected by and proceeds go to the park. Personnel will be onsite Saturday for payment.

The TRANSFER TO stages 4-5-6 is via the road, there is no downhill return on the road allowed during practice or the race Offending racers will be disqualified. There will be police monitoring this, so please don’t do it!

Neutral pit area is the Diamond Hill Parking lot only, no assistance allowed elsewhere including the transfers and race segments across the road, stages 4-5-6.

Attached are a couple documents for you to review, one is the map. We will NOT have printed maps for this event as the course is easy to follow, so if you want one, please print it. The 2022 MAXXIS ESC Stan’s Enduro rules are HERE, there have been some changes, so it would be best to read everything.


Because of the number of racers, we will be starting racers on two different race sections. This will speed up the flow of the race so we can finish in a timely manner. Racers in the classes must follow their categories order of racing or their results will not count towards the podium.

Stages 4-5-6-1-2-3 – These Classes must check in at the ESC tents before starting Stage 1

Motorex Ebike

Pro Men

Pro Women




Stages 1-2-3-4-5-6



15U GT Boys

18U GT Girls

Amateur Women

These classes must stop by the ESC tents before starting Stage 1 the second time

Kate’s Enduro Lite – Stages 1-2-3-1 only and in that order

Kate’s Kids Class – Stages 1-2-3-1 only and in that order

The following starting order is subject to change, the official starting order and times will be announced at the Racers meeting:

Racers must be present at the racers meeting where we will activate their chips and call them up to start their transfers in the following order:



15U GT Boys

18U GT Girls

Amateur Women

Motorex Ebike

Pro Men

Pro Women

Kate’s Enduro Lite 

Kate’s Kids




Please drive slowly through neighborhood while visiting Diamond Hill, we do not want to upset the neighbors and please visit the local restaurants and let them know you are there because of the enduro race.

Here’s a list of some places for good eats:

Saki’s Pizza

2339 Diamond Hill Rd


Ice Cream Machine

Diamond Hill

Trail Head


1070 Mendon Rd


J Grays family Restaurant

405 Mendon Rd


Maplehurst Diner

276 Front St


The Lodge

40 Breakneck Hill Rd


We will be onsite Friday afternoon but please understand we cannot do any registration on Friday. We have a lot of course set up and we really want to ride our bikes too!

Back this year is the FLAT TIRE DEFENDER Super Stage. This competition awards the fastest amateur male and amateur female one FLAT TIRE DEFENDER INSERT and the fastest in every class an FTD backpack with an FTD discount card inside, it will be contested on STAGE 1.

Back this season is the INTENSE BIKES PODIUM PAYBACK Program that pays cash or certificates to racers that have race with an Intense bike and have registered with Intense here:

The 20U, 30-39 and the 40-49 Classes qualify for the KATE’S CASH program for this event!

Kate’s Cash program pays cash to the top three in every class, when a men’s amateur class exceeds 50 racers or the women’s amateur class exceeds 20.  Those classes will be awarded with a cash prize in addition to the regular product prizing. The cash will be awarded as follows

$100  -1st

$50   – 2nd

$25    -3rd

We will be offering our 2022 Maxxis ESC Socks, Pint Glasses and T Shirts at our registration tents, please remember its cash only.


We hate rules as much as you do but to be able to have an event at Diamond Hill, we must enforce the following event specific rules or the offending racer will be disqualified:

ONLY Motorex Ebike Class Racers may use E bikes from 9 am Saturday to the events end Sunday on the trails at Diamond Hill. Motorex Ebike Racers will be identified by their yellow ESC race plates

CAMPING All camping and parking is in the paved parking lot, so please plan accordingly. No vehicles allowed inside the gate. The Camping fee is $30 per vehicle and will be collected by and proceeds go to the park. Personnel will be onsite Saturday for payment.

TRANSFERS – Racers must follow the direction of the transfers.

NUMBER PLATES – All racers must always have a 2022 Maxxis ESC Number plate attached to their bike while riding at Diamond Hill after 9am Saturday until event end on Sunday afternoon.

WAIVERS / REGISTRATION FORMS – All racers must check in at registration and fill out the registration and waiver forms before riding the trails after 9am Saturday.


FRIDAY – Open for public riding, tracks may be marked.

No Registration on friday

SATURDAY – Open for riding, tracks open. NO SHUTTLING

Registration at the MAXXIS ESC Tents 9am-2pm

SUNDAY – No pre-riding – RACE ONLY –  NO SHUTTLING.  Mandatory Racers Meeting 8:30. Race Start 9am.

Registration 8:00am-8:15am ONLY

  • NO SHUTTLING – That goes for all weekend for everyone. If you are seen/reported/caught/whatever shuttling, you will be assessed a time penalty. Trust us you will not be on the podium if you try, so don’t.
  • NUMBER PLATES – Will be sold at registration for $10 each. A 2022   MAXXIS ESC Number Plate must be affixed correctly to your bike always while on the tracks this weekend at Diamond Hill. You will not be allowed to ride without one. No cuts or trimming allowed on the plate please.
  • CASH ONLY – Yup, no ATMs on site either.
  • BUG SPRAY – You will want it and please don’t ask for ours…lol
  • COLD – Temps expected in the 30’s overnights
  • RAIN – Don’t even go there !!
  • KATE’S KIDS CLASS and KATE’S LITE CLASS – Will compete on 4 Sections: Stages 1-2-3-1 only and in that order. Our crew will conduct a course ride along on Saturday at 11am. Meet at the Registration Tents. The above may be adjusted, so please check with us at Registration. No parents may ride with or run behind their children unless they are registered Kate’s Enduro Lite racers – NO EXCEPTIONS

Attachments: ESC Reg Form – Waiver – Map