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Your Guide to Spectating Maxxis Eastern States Cup Races  It’s always free to spectate!


The Maxxis ESC heats up with epic Enduro and Downhill (DH) races! You don’t have to be a racer to experience the adrenaline-pumping action. Spectating at the ESC is a fantastic, FREE way to:

See Pro and Amateur Mountain Bikers Shred: Witness top athletes conquer brutal climbs and white-knuckle descents.

Feel the Race Day Buzz: Immerse yourself in the electric atmosphere and cheer on the riders.

Become Part of the MTB Community: Connect with fellow mountain bike enthusiasts and soak up the sport’s energy.

Why Spectating at the Maxxis ESC races rocks:

Free Family Fun: Pack a picnic, bring some chairs, and enjoy a day outdoors – all at no cost! It’s a perfect budget-friendly adventure.

Thrills Guaranteed: Enduro and DH races are packed with excitement as riders battle the clock and the challenging terrain.

Learn & Be Inspired: Watch different riding styles, see how pros tackle obstacles, and maybe pick up some tips for your own skills.

Support Local Racers: Cheer on your hometown heroes and fuel their competitive spirit!

Your Spectating Survival Guide:

Plan Your Day: Check the ESC website or social media for race maps, schedules, and stage locations. Arrive early for the best viewing spots.

Dress for Adventure: Be prepared for all kinds of weather – sun, rain, mud! Wear comfortable shoes with good tread for uneven terrain.

Pack Smart: Sunscreen, bug spray, a hat, sunglasses, and plenty of water are your essentials.

Respect the Course: Never enter the race course while riders are on it. Please stay outside the race tape.

Cheer Like a Champ: Let the riders know you’re there! Your enthusiastic cheers can give them that extra push. Scream, yell, ring bells, whatever!

Leave No Trace: Pack out all your trash and help keep the venue clean.

Join the Eastern States Cup Experience – For Free!

The Eastern States Cup offers world-class mountain bike racing without breaking the bank! Grab your crew, head to the races, and witness the incredible skill and determination of these athletes. You’ll be glad you did!