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Brat Class 8U DH

Brat Class 8U DH

New for 2024 is the BRAT CLASS for racers that will be 8 or under on December 31, 2024


Brat Class 8U DH: Rider Ability

This Class is designed for young riders who can confidently navigate most of the venue’s trails. While we welcome racers as young as 5, age isn’t the only factor.

Independent Riding: Racers should be able to ride most trails without assistance. Walking challenging sections is perfectly acceptable. Our goal is fun and safety, not pushing beyond comfort levels.

Prior Trail Experience: We recommend riders have prior experience riding the venue’s trails to ensure a positive experience.

Introduction to Racing: This class is designed to give young riders a taste of MTB racing, not a learn-to-ride program.

The Maxxis ESC features some of the most challenging trails in the East. If you’re unsure if racing is the right fit, contact us for guidance. We want all racers to have a fun and safe experience!

THULE SHOWDOWN –  BRAT CLASS racers can only compete in one discipline.