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Cannondale EBike Enduro Class

Cannondale EBike Enduro Class Information

2024 Cannondale EBike Series Schedule

May 5 Powder Ridge, CT
June 9 Glen Park, PA
July 14 Arrowhead, NH
July 21 Thunder Mountain, MA *
Aug 18 Sugarloaf, ME*
Sept 8 Woodstock, VT
Sept 22 Thunder Mountain, MA *
Oct 6 Monteau, NH
Oct 20 Arrowhead NH **

*Thule Showdown Bonus – All Showdown events carry 110% Maxxis ESC Series Points
**Series Finals Bonus – All Series Finals events carry 125% Maxxis ESC Series Points
Cannondale EBike Series – Top 7 races by Series Points earned

Cannondale E-Bike Enduro Class

Racers will generally follow the same courses and transfer as the other Stan’s Enduro Racers. Exceptions may occur regarding Lift use and occasionally, an extra timed uphill race segment.

At venues where Emtb bikes are allowed, we will offer the Motorex E-Bike Class for Class 1 bikes only.

Only Cannondale E-Bike Class racers may use an E-bike on transfers or race sections during official practice hours.  Non-registered Cannondale E-Bike Class racers may not use an E-Bike on transfers or race sections during official practice hours.

At events where E-Bikes are not allowed, they may not be used on transfers or race sections during official practice hours.  

Cannondale E Bike Series Championship Awards – The Top Three Racers in the Class are awarded great prizes from our Partners.

Class 1: Pedal Assist Bicycles with an electric motor Peak Power of <=750 watts that provides motor assistance only when the rider is pedaling and only up to a speed of 20 mph. Approved Drive Units only. Bicycles must remain locked, i.e., no modification of wheel sensor from factory circumference or any other modification to manipulate the factory set speed of the bike.
Production Rule: OEM drive unit and matching frame combination model required (matching year NOT required). Electric conversion kits and after-market frames are prohibited. Once qualified for the meet the bicycle’s frame may not be replaced.
Current list of approved Drive Units: Bosch, Shimano, Panasonic, Yamaha, Brose, Specialized and Dyname.