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KATE’S Lite/Kids Class

The 2023 Schedule and plans will be released in the first quarter of 2023. Have a great off-season!

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The 2023 Kate’s Kid Class is supported by Kate’s Real Food, creators of organic energy bars that #fuelyouradventures. This class is designed to introduce young riders to gravity mountain bike racing.

To participate in the class, competitors must register online. The fees for this class will be reduced, and a full pre-registration refund will be provided to those who volunteer as course marshals on Sunday with a pre-registration requirement. We’ll get the parent volunteers on the course, supply an ESC Official’s T-Shirt and an official ESC whistle. All you need is a fun attitude and a cell phone in case of an emergency. Volunteers must be at least 18 years old.

Kate’s Kid Class Racers and their parents must register online to be eligible for the refund.

Kate’s Kid Class Racers must stay with their assigned Maxxis ESC official during the race. A Maxxis ESC official will guide a Kate’s Kids’Class practice session on Saturdays at a pre-announced time.  Parents/Guardians may practice with the kids provided they are registered to race for that event.   Riding without adult supervision is prohibited. 

Only registered racers are allowed on Maxxis ESC tracks on race weekends.


  • The Kate’s Kids’ Class preregistration fee is 100% Refunded after a parent volunteers and completes course marshaling for the entire race.
  • Parents must register to volunteer at the racer’s online registration time to be eligible for the refund.
  • All you need is a fun attitude and a cell phone in case of an emergency.
  • Late or onsite registrations will incur the $10 late fee and not be eligible for the volunteer refund.
  • In the Enduro, racers in this class will compete in fewer race segments than other racers. 
  • This is the for the FUN Class!!

The KATE’S KIDS CLASS will be the first group to start. They will compete on the same track as the MAXXIS ESC DH racers, go-arounds for more difficult features will be available. Our volunteer will sweep the track after the last racers prior to the ESC Series racers starting.

Most enduro events will offer the KATE’S KIDS CLASS and KATE’S ENDURO LITE CLASS, depending on the course and venue. On Saturday, Maxxis ESC Officials will meet with both classes at a prearranged time for a group ride, so everyone will have a chance to pre-ride the transfers and race sections. During the race, the Maxxis ESC Officials will ride with both classes. The Kate’s Classes will usually start last and compete on 3 +/- stages at most enduros, this allows them to participate without the stress of seasoned racers attempting to pass them. It’s possible that the class will begin in a different section than the rest of the racers.

KATE’S KIDS CLASS Racers should be able to ride most trails at the venue without assistance. If there are hard sections they don’t feel comfortable on; then they should walk those sections. We want to make sure the KATE’S KIDS CLASS racers can ride the tracks and have fun. We never want a child to feel intimated or over their head. While we do have racers as young as 10 racing our enduro events, age doesn’t equate to rider ability. We ask that the racers are able to ride all the trails at the venue before entering. We want to ensure they have fun and progress. This is not a learn to ride program but rather an introduction to MTB Racing. Please keep in mind the Maxxis ESC Enduro tracks are some of the most challenging trails in the East.

Racers should be self-sufficient and carry their own hydration, tools, and tubes. All Maxxis ESC Rules should be followed by Kate’s Kids and Kates Enduro Lite Classes, including assistance and shuttling aspects.

If a parent wishes to race with their child(ren), they must be a registered racer for that event and adhere to all MAXXIS ESC Race Rules. We’re sorry, but due to insurance requirements, there are NO EXCEPTIONS.

All KATE’S KIDS CLASS racers will be awarded a prize provided by Kate’s Real Food. The top three will receive Maxxis ESC Medals. 

The KATE’S KIDS CLASS racers can only participate in one discipline at the Showdowns.

Racers must be 12 or younger on December 31, 2023 to be eligible.


Have you been hearing the buzz about enduro racing but weren’t sure if it was for you? Got a kid that’s been bugging you to let them race? The KATE’S Enduro Lite Class will offer an introduction to enduro racing in a stress-free setting. This Class will ride and race with the KATE’S Kids Class.

Racers will race 3+/- segments and get a total race time and a race time for each segment. The class will not compete for Maxxis ESC Podiums, Medals, or a Series Championship. This is the for the FUN Class!! All Kate’s Enduro Lite racers will receive tasty prizing from Kate’s Real Food.

Everyone has to start somewhere, and this is the place. Before you know it, you will be ready for the next level of racing. Spread the word; we hope to see you at one of our events!

The KATE’S Enduro Lite format will offer fun tracks to entertain all levels of riders but will focus primarily on first-timers. The emphasis will not be on results or prizes but on learning and having fun with like-minded mountain bike riders.

All KATE’S LITE CLASS racers will be awarded a prize provided by Kate’s Real Food.

PLEASE NOTE: KATE’S Lite Class racers are required to stay with the KATE’S Kids Class and race the segments in the same order. KATE’S Enduro Lite Class Racers may only compete in enduro at the Showdown Events.

Other than what is noted above, the KATE’S KIDS CLASS and the KATE’s ENDURO LITE CLASS will be governed by all the same rules as our other Maxxis ESC racers.

During practice and race day, only race registered MAXXIS ESC racers with 2022 MAXXIS Race Plates are permitted on the MAXXIS ESC racetracks or transfers.