Enduro Series Info

2022 Stan’s Enduro Schedule

April 24 Diamond Hill, RI
May 21 Powder Ridge, CT –Night Enduro
June 5 Glen Park, PA
June 26 Sugarloaf, ME – EWS Qualifier – 125% series points
July 10 Jiminy Peak, MA
July 24 Sugarbush, VT
Aug 7 Killington, VT
Aug 28 Blue Mountain, PA
Sept 11 Arrowhead, NH
Sept 25 Thunder Mountain, MA
Oct 2 Woodstock, VT
Oct 23 Thunder Mountain, MA Finals – 150% series points

2022 Stan’s Enduro Race Classes



MAXXIS ESC Racing Age is the racers age on December 31, 2022
NO Racing License Required

What’s the difference between DH and Enduro MTB Racing?

Timing Chips MUST be activated at each race classes start time that will be announced and posted at the Racer’s Meeting

Once activated it is Imperitave that Racers DO NOT Allow their Race chips to be idle near the start or finish beacons; The chips will constantly read the times broadcast by the beacons. The timing chips have a capacity of 100 time stamps and will quickly run out of space. After reading 100 time stamps, the timing chip will no longer read any more times. As a result, no times will be recorded, and you will be declared a DNF.

No Points will carry over a new class when a racer upgrades or downgrades their class.

Racers MUST hand in their timing chips within 15 minutes after finishing the last stage or they will be penalized 1 minute, after 30 minutes racers will be DQ’d from the event

Racers will be charged the replacement cost of $100.00 for broken, lost or non-returned timing chips

MAXXIS ESC Number Plates:
Racers must use a 2022 MAXXIS ESC Number Plate anytime they are on course for practice or racing
Only registered racers with 2022 MAXXIS ESC Number Plates are allowed on the Race Course during practice or racing.
2022 Maxxis ESC number plates are available at every race for $10.00 each and are good for the season.
Modifications will/can result in disqualification. Lettering/Logos MUST be 100% Intact. NO CUTS!!

All racers must sign a MAXXIS ESC and a venue waiver prior to practicing or registering at all events. Racers under 18 must have a parent sign their waiver or supply a notarized parental signed copy. No other methods are allowed.


  • The Kate’s Kids Class preregistration fee is 100% Refunded after a parent volunteers and completes course marshaling for the race on Sunday. To be eligible for the refund Parents must register to volunteer at the time of the racer’s online registration.
  • All you need is a fun attitude and a cell phone in case of an emergency.
  • Late or onsite registrations will incur the $10 late fee.
  • In the Enduro racers in this class will compete in three race segments. 
  • This is the for the FUN Class!!

The racers in the Kate’s Kids’ Class can only participate in one discipline at KASK Showdowns.

Racers must be 12 or younger on December 31, 2022 to be eligible.

This class will race for a reduced rate thanks to KATE’S REAL FOOD and the MAXXIS Eastern States Cup. KATE’S ENDURO LITE Racers will compete in three race segments and race with the KATE’S KIDS CLASS. This class is meant for beginners and new to enduro racers to experience what the enduro racing excitement is all about. Racers will get a total race time and a race time for each segment. The class will not compete for Maxxis ESC Podiums, Prizes, or a Series Championship. This is the for the FUN Class!! The Kate’s Enduro Lite format will offer fun tracks to entertain all levels of riders but will focus primarily on women, kids, and first-timers. The emphasis will not be on results or prizes but on learning and having fun with like-minded mountain bike riders.

PLEASE NOTE: KATE’S Lite Class racers are required to stay with the KATE’S Kids Class and race the segments in the same order. KATE’S Enduro Lite Class Racers may only compete in enduro at our Kask Showdown Events.

Shuttling will result in a disqualification unless specifically allowed in our racer’s letter or racer’s meeting.

Motorex E-Bike Enduro Class
We will be presenting the Motorex E-Bike Class for Class 1 bikes at enduro venues that allow Emtb bikes..

During official practice hours, only Motorex E-Bike Class racers may use an E-bike on transfers or race sections.

Non-registered Motorex E-Bike Class racers may not use an E-Bike on transfers or race sections during official practice hours.

At events where E-Bikes are not allowed they may not be used on transfers or race sections during official practice hours.  

Men’s and Women’s Pro Race Payouts:
1st = $600
2nd = $300
3rd = $200
4th = $100
5th =   $50

Men’s and Women’s Pro Series Payouts:

1st = $1200
2nd = $ 600
3rd = $ 400
4th = $200
5th – $100

Racers MUST be present at the Race Award Ceremony to Receive Awards and/or Cash Payouts!

The “KASK Showdown” weekends will feature both Enduro and DH races on the same day at the largest resorts on our schedule. KASK HELMETS will present high-end prizing for the top racers that race both Enduro and Downhill during the weekend.

First place at every Kask Showdown will win a certificate for a Kask Helmet with a value of up to $299! While second place will win a pair of KOO CALIFORNIA Sunglasses ($149 Value) and third place will be awarded some sweet Kask/Koo gear.

  1. Certificate for a Kask Helmet with a value of up to $299
  2. KOO CALIFORNIA Sunglasses ($149 Value)
  3. Kask/Koo gear

For the Championship we will total all KASK HELMETS SHOWDOWN SERIES earned points and award the following prizes.

  1. Custom KASK gold wrapped REX helmet 
  2. KOO EDGE Goggles and KOO/KASK swag 
  3. KOO/KASK swag 


An exciting new addition this season is the Küat Last Call. It will work like this: At every Maxxis ESC stop, at the end of awards, we will draw one plate number from the weekend’s registered racers and IF they are present, they will win a Küat Hitch Rack. The hitch for the Hitch rack is: you’ve got to be present to win!

FOX Transfer Seatpost Climbers Challenge
All Enduro Racers are automatically entered into the FOX TRANSFER Seatpost Climber’s Challenge competition with no extra fees. The FOX Transfer Seatpost Climber’s Challenge is a separate competition within the MAXXIS ESC Enduro Series. The seatpost will be awarded to the fastest AMATEUR on the climb. Occasionally the MAXXIS ESC will award the seatpost to a pre selected class announced at the racers meeting. One uphill transfer at each race will be timed. That one transfer will have independent timing boxes, so racers can rest before and after the timed climb. The timed transfer does not count in the overall race time. It is MANDATORY for all enduro racers to Time IN and Time Out Regardless if you are trying or just transferring to the next stage.

Racers not chipping in or out for the FOX TRANSFER CLIMB will be assessed a time penalty
Racers can only win ONE FOX TRANSFER Seat Post per season!

All Racers are automatically entered into the FLAT TIRE DEFENDER SUPER STAGE competition with no extra fees. The FLAT TIRE DEFENDER SUPER STAGE is a separate competition within the MAXXIS ESC Enduro Series. One FLAT TIRE DEFENDER foam tire insert will be awarded to the fastest male and female AMATEUR on the FLAT TIRE DEFENDER SUPER STAGE, while the fastest in every class gets a Flat Tire Defender drawstring backpack. Occasionally the MAXXIS ESC will award the FLAT TIRE DEFENDER SUPER STAGE to a pre-selected class announced at the racers meeting. The MAXXIS ESC will chose one stage to be the FLAT TIRE DEFENDER SUPER STAGE that will be announced at our racers meeting and identified by banners at that start of that stage.

Racers can only win Flat Tire Defender Insert per season!

INTENSE BIKES PODIUM PAYBACK Program that pays cash or certificates to racers that have race with an Intense bike and have registered with Intense here: https://intensecycles.com/pages/podium-payback-program.

Kate’s Cash, any time a men’s amateur class exceeds 50 racers or the women’s amateur class exceeds 20 that class will be awarded with a cash prize in addition to the regular product prizing. The cash will be awarded as follows:

  • $100  -1st
  • 50     – 2nd
  • $25    -3rd

MAXXIS ESC Enduro Series Race Podium
Top 5 in every class make the podium
1st, 2nd and 3rd in every class receive Custom Eastern States Cup Podium Medals
4th and 5th place receive Prizes from Kate’s Real Food
Venues may enhance prize packages with prizes.

Racers MUST be present at the Race Award Ceremony to Receive Race Awards and/or Cash Payouts!

Racers MUST be present at the Series Final Award Ceremony to Receive Series Final Awards and/or Cash Payouts!

MAXXIS ESC Enduro Series Qualifications:

The best 8 rounds by points count towards the series championship standings
In the event of a tie, the best position at the most recent event takes precedence
EWS Qualifier at Sugarloaf scores 125% series points
Series Finals at Killington scores 150% series points

No minimum number of races is needed to qualify for Series Championship Standings
All ties will be broken by placement in the Championship Finals Race.
Any age may race in the Pro Open Class.
Any age may race in a younger class except for 19-29 racers.
Women can race in women’s classes or age groups.
ESC races will be scored using the existing MAXXIS ESC point schedule.
Only one bike may be used per event.

In order to score series points, racers must complete the full race. DNFs do NOT score points

MAXXIS ESC Enduro Championship Guidelines
Enduro mountain bike racing is designed to be the definitive test for mountain bikers. The focus of each event is on creating a great atmosphere, community, competition, and adventure for the competitor. It’s a format that allows riders to compete against each other on individual Timed Stages that are designed to challenge the rider’s technical and physical abilities.

Timed Stages will be mostly downhill and will test the rider’s technical skills. Enduro courses will use the best trails and terrain available. Fun will be the focus of the courses. It is possible that some climbs will be within Timed Stages.

For the untimed transfers or uphill sections, racers will pedal or use lifts. Lifts may ONLY be used before designated timed stages. Each event will have unique rules regarding lift use. Racers will be disqualified for using a lift other than before designated timed stages.

Total time from all the timed sections added together will determine the finishing order. Ties will be broken by the last timed stage.

There will be category start times for the start of Section 1. Racers that miss their category start times will be allowed to start at the discretion of the starter. Racers may not start ahead of their category’s assigned start time. At all other timed sections, racers may start at their leisure provided all Timed Stages are completed in the proper order.

Once a racer starts a Timed Stage he may not restart that same Stage for any reason. No pre-riding of Timed Stages is allowed once the race starts. All stages and transfers must be done in the proper order. Racers will be notified at registration or at the rider’s meeting when each Timed Stage will close. Riders arriving after the stage has closed will not be allowed to start and must return to the finish area. This will ensure the event finishes at a reasonable hour.


Course cutting by leaving the obvious trail will result in disqualification.

Racers MUST hand in their chips within 15 minutes after finishing the last stage
or they will be penalized 1 minute, after 30 minutes racers will be DQ’d from the event
Racers MUST be present at the Race Award Ceremony to Receive Awards and/or Cash Payouts!

Racers are responsible for clearing and timing in and out of every start/finish including the timed climb

Racers being passed should yield when it is safe to do so

Approved Bicycle helmets must be worn properly at all times on venues property while riding a bicycle.

Only one bike may be used per event.

Support is only allowed in the pit/parking lot area. Otherwise, all tools, parts, hydration, snacks, etc must be carried by the individual racer.

Racers must carry everything that they’ll need including water, tools, and tubes. Water stations may or may not be available on the course.

Stashing anything on the course is not permitted

Due to the venue’s and the Maxxis ESC’s environmental concerns, tear-offs are not allowed at any Maxxis ESC event.

If a racer must return to the pit/parking lot area during the course of the event that racer must return to the race in the same place using the transfer method for that segment

Any age may race in the Pro Open Class
Any age may race in a younger class except for 19-29 racers
Women can race in women’s classes or age groups

There will be 2-3 officials at each event

Any actions by a racer that results in an unfair advantage will not be allowed and will result in a warning, a time penalty, or disqualification as determined by the head official.

Rules infractions will be met with a warning, a time penalty, or disqualification as determined by the head official

Officials’ rulings can be protested in writing, accompanied with $50 cash, and submitted before official results are posted. The head official will make final all protested decisions immediately.

It is understood this is not a complete list of rules so use your common sense as the ESC reserves the right to add, change or modify the rules at any point in time

MAXXIS ESC Zero Tolerance Policy

  • Use of obscene or vulgar language at any time.
  • Taunting of racers, officials or spectators by any means including but not limited to baiting, ridiculing, threat of physical violence or physical violence.
  • Openly disputing or arguing any decision by an official.
  • Visually displays any sign of dissatisfaction with an official’s decision

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