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EWS Qualifier Update

We’ve gotten a lot of questions about how Maxxis ESC racers can qualify for Enduro World Series races or the EWS in 2023 and forward. We have the answers, and they are not what you expected or want to hear.

All italicized text in this summary is from the EWS, their website, or Chris Ball who founded the EWS.

Earning Qualifying for the EWS, which is now called UCI Mountain Bike Enduro World Cup (EDR), will join the likes of Cross Country and Downhill at the highest level of international mountain biking competition from next year onwards, meaning all of next season’s events have been awarded World Cup Status

From 2023 onwards, only pre qualified riders will be able to enter a UCI Mountain Bike Enduro World Cup (EDR) – just as in the current EWS races riders need a certain number of global ranking points to qualify.

Amateur racing that is open to everyone, with no prequalification requirements will be available at some of the EDR races next year. These races will no longer be called the EWS100 or EWS80, but the format will be almost identical, taking place in the same locations as select EDR World Cups before the race.

There will be 6 rounds of amateur racing in 2023, those races will coincide with 6 of the following EDR races. The six have not been named yet.

25-26 March – Maydena, Tasmania

1-2 April – Derby, Tasmania

3-4 June – Finale Ligure, Italy

15-18 June – Leogang, Austria

24-25 June – Val di Fassa, Italy

1-3 September – Loudenville, France

7-17 September – Les Gets, France

The following was stated by the EWS back in their press release in December that announced the UCI take over of the series.

 The Qualifier race series will also continue to ensure up and coming riders can progress all the way to UCI Mountain Bike Enduro World Cup. Further details about this will be released in early 2023.

Unfortunately, they changed their minds and discontinued the Qualifier series races, that the Maxxis ESC supported since the beginning of the format several years ago.

Here is the note that was sent to the global network of promoters who have supported the EWS since its beginning, including the ESC:

Hi George
I have some updates regarding the 
enduro qualifier series for the upcoming season.

With the integration of the Enduro World Series and the UCI DH / XC World Cups effective 2023 – and the introduction of the UCI Enduro World Championships in 2024, there will also be some changes to the enduro world series entry requirements and qualifier structure.

Effective 2023, only events which are registered on the UCI calendar as the official national enduro championships will have qualifier status.   Qualifier points will not be available at any other national / regional enduro races.

We wish you and your ESC team continued success with the Stan’s Enduro Series and all the best for the 2023 season !

This means that the only way in 2023 and beyond to earn Ranking or Qualifying points to enter an EDR race is to race in the following events:

  • An EDR race that the racer has enough 2022 EWS qualifying points to gain entry
  • An amateur race that coincides with 6 of the 7 EDR events
  • A National Championship in your country

Because there are no EDR events scheduled for North or South America in 2023, visiting Australia or Europe will be the only option to collect EDR Ranking/Qualifying points. The UCI EDR has not provided any updates regarding the number of points the national championships or amateur races will carry or the number of points needed to compete in their events.

These plans by the EWS and the UCI, and the EWS’s decision to combine with the organizing body, have left us at Maxxis ESC deeply dissatisfied. The EWS was established with the goals of operating independently from an organizing body, welcoming racers, and collaborating with local promoters. Evidently, everything has changed now. Whether or not the EWS has sold out is left up to your judgment.

EnduroWorldSeries (Apr 2, 2014)

 We have a reserve list based on our official team registrations and our previous year rankings. After that, we open all entries to the public, and that’s crucial we keep that too. I’d hate to see it locked down and out of reach of the normal bike rider.

EnduroWorldSeries (Apr 2, 2014)

 We’re in talks with the UCI and nothing will happen for this year but we will see how this develops. If we do ever sanction, it will be because it is the best call for the riders. If we feel it’s not right, then we simply won’t

EnduroWorldSeries (Dec 22, 2022)

Can racers still earn ranking points to progress to the elite race?

Yes! We want to continue to ensure there is a clear pathway to the top level of enduro competition, so ranking points will be on offer at all six of our races next year.  The Qualifier race series will also continue to ensure up and coming riders can progress all the way to UCI Mountain Bike Enduro World Cup. Further details about this will be released in early 2023.

In case you missed it, the UCI DH World Cups have also undergone significant changes. The most significant change, in our opinion, is that Rob Warner will no longer be the broadcast announcer. Red Bull is no longer associated with the UCI and the Discovery Channel now has the rights to all UCI broadcasts, including DHI and EDR.