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Maxxis ESC Number Reservation Opens January 1 at Noon

Opening January 1 at Noon
This year, we are offering a new option: Racers can have their last name and choice of racer number on their 2023 Maxxis ESC Race Plate! The plates with names on them can be ordered on the Maxxis ESC website from January 1-31, 2023, and will cost $20. A second identical plate can be ordered for an additional $10. Another new option is available during this time frame, all 2022 Maxxis ESC Series Champions that reserve a plate with their name on the plate will get special recognition on their plates.

Opening February 1, 2023
Standard Maxxis ESC Number Plate Reservations will be available February 1-28, 2023. Racers can choose from the available numbers for $10 with an additional plate with the same number available for $10. These plates will not have the last name option.

The top 30 pros will be awarded their respective placement number plate with their name on it at no charge, additional plates with the same name and number can be ordered for $10.

For More Information and to order your number CLICK HERE