The MAXXIS Eastern States Cup began in 2010 as a USA Cycling Eastern Regional Downhill MTB Championship Series, with two USA Cycling State Championships. Racers and venues alike found this to be a popular formula.

The series was expanded in 2011 to include three USAC State Championships held at six premier East Coast venues.

2012 was another another year of expansion. With fourteen races and five USAC State Championships, the series grew to fourteen.

The MAXXIS ESC added a popular Enduro Series in 2013.

The MAXXIS Eastern States Cup SuperD Series was added to the MAXXIS ESC in 2014.

The DH series had a breakout year in 2015, with racer attendance exceeding records.

In 2016 we started the enduro season with multiple sellouts, something we never expected. The MAXXIS ESC introduced the ESC North American Downhill Team for Juniors, we wanted to help our juniors get to the UCI World Cup events and we had great success with the 10 racers on our inaugural team.

Two of the team’s racers qualified for the UCI World Championships in Australia in 2017. We began the Enduro East series in 2017 with the intention of having all of the races be EWS Qualifiers, and we hosted two EWS Qualifiers and the finals for the new EWS North American Continental Championships in 2018.

2018 marks the end of our DH series’ affiliation with USAC, allowing us to simplify and reduce the cost of racing for our racers.

The East Coast Junior MTB Championships and ebike racing were added to the ESC in 2019.

2020 The “season of Covid” included 11 virus-free events in a challenging season that saw the ESC cancel the whole schedule and then add 5 Enduros and 6 DH events to rescue the season and keep our community together during the pandemic.

In 2021 The Maxxis ESC sold out most events and added Night Enduro Racing and we brought back the East Coast Junior MTB Championships after a one year haitus due to covid.

The Maxxis ESC sold out most events in 2021, added Night Enduro Racing and reintroduced the East Coast Junior MTB Championships after a one-year hiatus, due to covid.


The MAXXIS Eastern States Cup was created to ensure that gravity mountain bike racing on the East Coast has a future. Racers, venues, and sponsors are the sport’s three key partners. The MAXXIS ESC aims to bring them together, listen to their issues, and take appropriate action. The ESC has a format that will appeal to all three categories, ensuring the growth of Gravity Mountain Bike Racing on the East Coast.

The MAXXIS ESC provides racers with a diverse range of venues, excellent courses, and affordable race prices. At the same time, the MAXXIS ESC will host the best mountain bike racing in the world. To reduce travel costs, the MAXXIS ESC will focus on keeping the sites within an acceptable geographical range.

The MAXXIS ESC provides venues with a profitable and easy-to-manage event. At each event, the MAXXIS ESC will introduce a dedicated group of riders and racers to the venues. The MAXXIS ESC strives to ensure a welcome return to each venue for years to come.

The MAXXIS ESC offers sponsors a cost-effective and professional vehicle for media and onsite visibility. The MAXXIS ESC will present sponsors’ products to its committed racers and fans. The MAXXIS ESC will partner with sponsors to maximize their investment.

Above all, the MAXXIS ESC seeks to create an enjoyable and comfortable environment for everyone.