MAXXIS ESC BOX SHOWDOWN at Thunder Mountain Bike Park



Hello everyone and thank you so much for the incredible response to the Maxxis ESC’s fourth enduro event of 2021!  Last year was a tough one for the series, but we’re back and will strive to make 2021 our best race season ever!! Our community is a strong one and we are proud to be a part of it..

Ok let’s get it on!!!

George and Chris

** NOTE: All riders on the Race and Transfer segments at Thunder Mountain and the Warfield Trails on Saturday and Sunday must be registered racers with number plates. Can you imagine if all 300+ racers brought a friend?

Ebikes allowed only for Ebike Enduro Racers

At the venues from Saturday 8am-Sunday 4pm

Mandatory Virtual Enduro Racers Meeting Click Here

We are excited to heading back to one of our most popular venues and the current enduro mtb attendance record venue, it seems to be a popular choice.

This event is completely sold out and no onsite registrations will be available.

There will be a Mandatory ENDURO Racers Meeting at 8:00am Sunday

Please watch our Virtual Racer Meeting as we will not cover this info at the live meeting HERE

If you have not pre- purchased your required 2021 Maxxis ESC Number Plate, you can pick one at the registration tents. The cost is $10 (cash only) and are to be used for the entire 2021 race season. The high quality Box race plate normally retails for $20.

The NEUTRAL PIT AREA is the Thunder Mountain Parking lot only, no assistance allowed elsewhere including the transfers, Warfield Trails Area or race segments.

Attached are a couple documents for you to review, one is the map. We will NOT have printed maps for this event as the course is easy to follow, so if you want one please print it. The 2021 MAXXIS ESC Enduro rules are also attached, there have been some changes, so it would be best to read everything.

Racers must be present at the racers meeting where we will activate their chips and call them up to start their transfers in the following order:

MOTOREX EBIKE (Early Start)21-29
BOX RACERS (Early Start)30-39

SPECIAL Thunder Mountain  RULES

We hate rules as much as you do but to be able to have an event Charlemont we must enforce the following event specific rules or the offending racer will be disqualified:

Kate’s Enduro Kids and Kate’s Enduro Lite: Racers MUST stay with the Maxxis ESC Adult Group leaders during the race.

Motorex E Bike Class – The Motorex Ebike Class will compete on the same stages as as everyone else. 

ONLY Motorex Ebike Class Racers may use E bikes from 9 am Saturday to the events end Sunday on the race trails. Motorex Ebike Racers will be identified by their yellow ESC race plates

NO SHUTTLING – That goes for everyone from 9 am Saturday to the events end Sunday. If you are seen/reported/caught/whatever shuttling you will be assessed a time penalty. Trust us you will not be on the podium if you try, so don’t.

If you have a fever, symptoms or are afraid of catching Covid-19 please stay at home.

Registration – Please download and fill out all the attached documents prior to getting in the registration line. Minors will need to have their waivers notarized if their parent will not be present at registration check-in.

Pro Racers Must be on the podium when called to receive any prizing – For all other classes we will be calling up the top 5 racers 15 minutes after their class has completed and the results have been posted.

Racers must be present when their class is called up to activate their chips. Do not start the race without doing so or you will not get your racing times and be DQ’d.

Please watch!!!

2021 Maxxis ESC Virtual Racer’s Meeting


Attached are a couple documents for you to review, one is the map. We will NOT have printed maps for this event as the course is easy to follow, so if you want one please print it. Please review the 2021 MAXXIS ESC Enduro rules on our website, there have been some changes, so it would be best to read everything.

All attached forms must be filled out even if you preregistered. Print them out, fill them in and save time.


We will be camping at the Charlemont Fairgrounds and starting the enduro from the Maxxis ESC Registration Tents at Thunder Mountain at 9 am Sunday. The racers meeting will take place at 8:00am at the Maxxis ESC Registration Tents.


Ride bike on the road in the same direction as traffic

Stop at red lights and stop signs, and obey other traffic signs

Yield to traffic already on the road

Yield before entering a roadway

Yield before moving laterally or turning

Ride single file and no “pack” riding


There is NO PARKING at Warfield House for Saturday or Sunday.

It is imperative that racers follow the rules of the road and come to full stops at the stop signs. Racers observed not stopping at stop signs or riding on the wrong side of the road will be disqualified. Be especially careful near the covered bridge when exiting the Fairgrounds/Camping Area.

The town is supporting of these events but still getting used to so many bikers in town. Let’s start the summer off strong and follow rules of the road to help us ensure many more years of great events.  

$100 TIMING CHIPS We will be using our SIAC Fly By timing system for this event. Please note if you do not return the SIAC Timing Chip you will owe us $100. Yes they cost that much. Other enduro series require the racers to use their own or rent them plus a deposit. We trust our racers until proven otherwise so please make sure to return the chip if you decide to leave early.

Please Note: GPS units on bars or stem may interfere with the SIAC Timing Chip so it’s best not to use one

Racers must be present at the racers meeting where we will activate their chips.

Please drive slowly through neighborhood while visiting Thunder Mountain, we do not want to upset the neighbors and please visit the local restaurants and let them know you are there because of the enduro race.

We will be onsite Friday afternoon for registration from 3:00-6:00 PM, please understand we cannot do any registration at other times on Friday. We have a lot of course set up and we really want to ride our bikes too !

Unfortunately, with using staggered starts we cannot offer the FOX Seatpost Climbers Challenge however we will still offer a way to award the seatpost.  Racers must be present to win award.

Also back this year is the FLAT TIRE DEFENDER Super Stage. This competition awards the fastest amateur male and amateur female one FLAT TIRE DEFENDER INSERT and the fastest in every class an FTD backpack with an FTD discount card inside, it will be contested on STAGE 1. Please note the winners will be announced and prizes awarded after the last racer has finished. Racers must be present to win awards

Back again this season is the INTENSE BIKES PODIUM PAYBACK Program that pays cash or certificates to racers that have raced with an Intense bike and have registered with Intense here:

Another new program is the SDR Rewards, any time a men’s amateur class exceeds 50 racers or the women’s amateur class exceeds 20 that class will be awarded with a cash prize in addition to the regular product prizing.

SDR Rewards are active for the U15 and Amateur Women classes at this event. They will receive CASH in addition to the regular prizing, for more info please see later in this email and our website. (CHECK OTHER CLASSES PRIOR TO SENDING)

We will be offering our 2021 Maxxis ESC Socks, Pint Glasses, T Shirts, jerseys and other swag at our registration tents, please remember its cash only.


  • Camping is offered as part of the ESC Box Showdown at the Charlemont Fairgrounds Only. Sites are limited and will sell out; it is being offered on a first come / first served basis. Participants will be able to overnight there on Friday and Saturday Only.
  • The fee is per vehicle with up to 4 persons per vehicle, one vehicle equals one camping site.
    • Friday and Saturday $40/ cars trucks – $50 RV/Trailer
    • Saturday Only           $25/ cars trucks – $35 RV/Trailer
    • Cash only onsite only – No reservations or holds – No ATM onsite
    • There is no Friday only option.
  • Directions to Charlemont Fairgrounds: The fairgrounds are located .25 mile on 8A north off of route 2. Follow 8A until you come to a covered bridge (Bissell Bridge) and take a right up the hill before crossing the bridge. Most GPS devices should find Charlemont Fairgrounds if you search. Don’t type in the actual address as it will not lead you where you need to go.
  • The fairgrounds will be open starting at 5:30pm on Friday. Please don’t set-up before that or with out our attendant directing you to your camping location. If you do you will have to move.
  • No alcohol, open fires or fireworks are allowed at the fairgrounds. No electrical or RV hookups exist, but it is a beautiful old New England fairground with plenty of places to park your rig or setup a tent. 
  • There will be a Junior XC race at the fairgrounds on Saturday, so space is limited
  • Camping at Thunder Mountain: NONE AVAILABLE – SOLD OUT – You will be asked to move if you set up there
  • A number of people have asked about setting up pits at Thunder Mountain for the weekend or driving down an RV/Trailer during the day. RV’s are strongly encouraged to remain at the Fairgrounds as parking may be limited at Thunder. Due to parking restraints, pits must be compact and Thunder Mountain reserves the right to ask pits be removed if necessary. No pits shall remain up overnight.
  • Directions to Charlemont Fairgrounds: The fairgrounds are located .25 mile on 8A north off of route 2. Follow 8A until you come to a covered bridge (Bissell Bridge) and take a right up the hill before crossing the bridge. Most GPS devices should find Charlemont Fairgrounds if you search. Don’t type in the actual address as it will not lead you where you need to go. 

NUMBER PLATES – All racers must always have a 2021 Maxxis ESC Number plate attached to their bike while riding on the race tracks after 9am Saturday until event end on Sunday afternoon. If you have not paid for your 2021 Maxxis ESC number plate or registration, please note it is EXACT CASH only, due to Covid 19 we will not be recirculating cash or making change.

WAIVERS / REGISTRATION FORMS – All racers must check in at registration and fill out the registration and waiver forms before riding the trails after 9am Saturday.






No Registration
10:00am – 5:00pm Thunder Mountain Lift spins – Passes available from Thunder Mountain

9am – 2pm Registration
Intense DH and Enduro Practice 10:00am – 5:00pm

8:00am – 9:00am Late Registration

8:00am Mandatory Racers Meeting
Motorex Ebike/Box showdown Start 8:15am
Enduro Race Start 9:00am – No Practice
Intense DH Practice 9:00am-10:45am
Intense DH Race Start 11:00am

  •  – That goes for all weekend for everyone. If you are seen/reported/caught/whatever shuttling you will be assessed a time penalty. Trust us you will not be on the podium if you try, so don’t.
  • NUMBER PLATES – Will be sold at registration for $10 each. A 2021 MAXXIS ESC Number Plate must be affixed correctly to your bike always while on the tracks this weekend. You will not be allowed to ride without one. No cuts or trimming allowed on the plate please.
  • CASH ONLY –ATMs on site
  • BUG SPRAY – You will want it and please don’t ask for ours…lol
  • COLD – Temps expected in the 30’s overnights
  • RAIN – Don’t even go there !!
  • Kate’s Kids Class and Kates Enduro Lite Class – Will compete on sections 4-5-1-2 in that order. Our Staff will conduct a course ride along on Saturday at 10:00am. Meet at the Registration Tents. The above may be adjusted, so please check with us at Registration. No parents may ride with or run behind their children unless they are registered racers.

Preliminary DH Start List

11:00BlucherLukeKate’s Kids Kids U12 
11:01BlucherNoahKate’s Kids Kids U12 
11:02625CoteJamesKate’s Kids Kids U12 
11:03FrenchAyrtonKate’s Kids Kids U12 
11:04530GauvinTravisKate’s Kids Kids U12 
11:05GladchunEversKate’s Kids Kids U12 
11:06KelsonSheaKate’s Kids Kids U12 
11:07KingsburyKillianKate’s Kids Kids U12 
11:081037MacauleyDeclanKate’s Kids Kids U12 
11:091362ManningJacobKate’s Kids Kids U12 
11:10884MorganCarsonKate’s Kids Kids U12 
11:11SullivanGavinKate’s Kids Kids U12 
11:12VoegeliReyaKate’s Kids Kids U12 
11:13VoegeliAddieKate’s Kids Kids U12 
11:14590WebbFranklinKate’s Kids Kids U12 
11:15WilsonBenKate’s Kids Kids U12 
11:16ZebrowskiLiamKate’s Kids Kids U12 
11:17810DavidsonRyderKate’s Kids Kids U12 
11:18Duesing-BratkovicsKingston Kate’s Kids U12
11:25OrlandoNikVeteran Amateur 30-39
11:30634BaylissLukeYouth U15 
11:31434BealsJacobYouth U15 
11:32CareyLyleYouth U15 
11:33968ClementMattsonYouth U15 
11:34491DiDomenicoMaximusYouth U15 
11:35490DowningParkerYouth U15 
11:36509DransfieldLevYouth U15 
11:371150DunbarSamYouth U15 
11:38DuncanGavinYouth U15 
11:391286GagnonMatthewYouth U15 
11:40526GauvinTristanYouth U15 
11:411288GeorgianRielyYouth U15 
11:421285GeorgianReeseYouth U15 
11:43473GuttermanIsaacYouth U15 
11:44359HesdonOwenYouth U15 
11:45868HeynEvanYouth U15 
11:46433HoffarthAdamYouth U15 
11:47JiroutekWillYouth U15 
11:48301JohnsonGabrielYouth U15 
11:49730KnorrSeanYouth U15 
11:50LeedsRickyYouth U15 
11:51LewisBenYouth U15 
11:52LofbladIanYouth U15 
11:53MastTuckerYouth U15 
11:54579McKinneyJackYouth U15 
11:551416MiemisWillYouth U15 
11:56332MixHenryYouth U15 
11:571214MurphySeanYouth U15 
11:58MurphyTristanYouth U15 
11:59NunesJonahYouth U15 
12:00OteriMaxYouth U15 
12:01PachecoJacobYouth U15 
12:02389PaysonGradyYouth U15 
12:03565PrebbleIanYouth U15 
12:04SchaefflerJohnYouth U15 
12:05689SensCharlesYouth U15 
12:06378SowlesJakeYouth U15 
12:07756TharpOwenYouth U15 
12:08733TibbalsJonahYouth U15 
12:09416VioletteXaviYouth U15 
12:101077WaringMasonYouth U15 
12:11ZartanTrevorYouth U15 
12:14758BaerErickMasters 50+
12:15BassettFredMasters 50+
12:16LeVangieRobertMasters 50+
12:17460MarcosLiraMasters 50+
12:18MastBenMasters 50+
12:19560QuinnDougMasters 50+
12:20755TharpArtMasters 50+
12:21911WareaglePepperMasters 50+
12:24431BogdanLenciAmateur Women 
12:25CroccoloSimonaAmateur Women 
12:26369DarrowMeganAmateur Women 
12:27DolanKeeganAmateur Women 
12:28DolanFionaAmateur Women 
12:291133DuvalLisaAmateur Women 
12:30983FurcoloCarolineAmateur Women 
12:31GrayHeatherAmateur Women 
12:32HamlinSarahAmateur Women 
12:33HornbachLeelaAmateur Women 
12:34321JohnsonVictoriaAmateur Women 
12:351366KentArielAmateur Women 
12:36MoriarityDanielleAmateur Women 
12:37379SabineTashinaAmateur Women 
12:38SeibMelissaAmateur Women 
12:39376SowlesStephanieAmateur Women 
12:40569WeissSageAmateur Women 
12:41WilsonBridgetAmateur Women 
12:42384WrightAutumnAmateur Women 
12:50348BusseJimSenior Amateur 40+ 
12:51772GarbacikMikeSenior Amateur 40+ 
12:521287GeorgianLukeSenior Amateur 40+ 
12:53HuffmireChrisSenior Amateur 40+ 
12:54KennedyBrianSenior Amateur 40+ 
12:55956KoblingerRameromSenior Amateur 40+ 
12:56MendesClovisSenior Amateur 40+ 
12:57585NortonJustinSenior Amateur 40+ 
12:58389PaysonJustinSenior Amateur 40+ 
12:59472RileyCraigSenior Amateur 40+ 
1:00SilvaAlexsandroSenior Amateur 40+ 
1:01572WittekStephanSenior Amateur 40+ 
1:04737BaroneIanVeteran Amateur 30-39
1:05605BoshekDavidVeteran Amateur 30-39
1:06578BradshawRolandVeteran Amateur 30-39
1:07ConnerScottVeteran Amateur 30-39
1:08310CoxEarlVeteran Amateur 30-39
1:09DelphiaBrennanVeteran Amateur 30-39
1:10531DuBoisMichaelVeteran Amateur 30-39
1:11409FoleyMikeVeteran Amateur 30-39
1:12394FrancoisHeathVeteran Amateur 30-39
1:13GauvinGeoffreyVeteran Amateur 30-39
1:141125GaylordTrevorVeteran Amateur 30-39
1:15GranoDanielVeteran Amateur 30-39
1:16657JaderSandyVeteran Amateur 30-39
1:17370KarkasChris Veteran Amateur 30-39
1:18753KisselGregVeteran Amateur 30-39
1:191100KononenkoOleksiyVeteran Amateur 30-39
1:20Lopes da Silva JuniorRonanVeteran Amateur 30-39
1:21MarinLuisVeteran Amateur 30-39
1:221131McquadeAndyVeteran Amateur 30-39
1:23PattersonChrisVeteran Amateur 30-39
1:241290ReedKaiVeteran Amateur 30-39
1:25410RomanErikVeteran Amateur 30-39
1:261138WatermanRichardVeteran Amateur 30-39
1:27WilsonMarkVeteran Amateur 30-39
1:28WilsonIanVeteran Amateur 30-39
1:31ArnoldAlecMen Amateur 19-29
1:32BeyerThomasMen Amateur 19-29
1:331139BrownLeviMen Amateur 19-29
1:34910BrownDerrekMen Amateur 19-29
1:35CampbellIanMen Amateur 19-29
1:36CaplanNathanMen Amateur 19-29
1:37826CastellanosAndyMen Amateur 19-29
1:38ClavetteDerekMen Amateur 19-29
1:39CorazzoCameronMen Amateur 19-29
1:401394CowdreyJustinMen Amateur 19-29
1:411532DesmaraisJakeMen Amateur 19-29
1:42445DohertyEhrenMen Amateur 19-29
1:43710FaulknerBradyMen Amateur 19-29
1:44423GeisDustinMen Amateur 19-29
1:45619HickeyElijahMen Amateur 19-29
1:46834HunsakerToddMen Amateur 19-29
1:471265KocsisEvanMen Amateur 19-29
1:48517KwiecinskiWilliamMen Amateur 19-29
1:49588LandellNickMen Amateur 19-29
1:50761LapedotaAnthonyMen Amateur 19-29
1:51618LapointeBrianMen Amateur 19-29
1:52LerescuNicholasMen Amateur 19-29
1:53MaldetAlexMen Amateur 19-29
1:54648McDonnellSeanMen Amateur 19-29
1:55PachecoEthanMen Amateur 19-29
1:56ProvostMattMen Amateur 19-29
1:57757RooneyEvanMen Amateur 19-29
1:58830RourkeEddieMen Amateur 19-29
1:59St. OursAndrewMen Amateur 19-29
2:00441SwensgardNicMen Amateur 19-29
2:01714TarletonTravisMen Amateur 19-29
2:02TowneChristopherMen Amateur 19-29
2:03871VeneziaDavidMen Amateur 19-29
2:041268WillisDevinMen Amateur 19-29
2:07498BalkindTeddyJunior Amateur 15-18
2:08BelisleCarsonJunior Amateur 15-18
2:09622CatalanoLucaJunior Amateur 15-18
2:10300CrossmonOwenJunior Amateur 15-18
2:11459FigueroaKevenJunior Amateur 15-18
2:12HamlinGilesJunior Amateur 15-18
2:13381LafrennieNicholasJunior Amateur 15-18
2:14MahoneyRufusJunior Amateur 15-18
2:15532MillerColeJunior Amateur 15-18
2:16MorehouseLyndonJunior Amateur 15-18
2:1746NickelMuirJunior Amateur 15-18
2:18609PriorAnthonyJunior Amateur 15-18
2:19525StorerGraysonJunior Amateur 15-18
2:20645TerrobaMarcosJunior Amateur 15-18
2:21ThomsonBrockJunior Amateur 15-18
2:24420ClarkEricSenior Expert 40+
2:25495Da SilvaRenatoSenior Expert 40+
2:26JohnRoncaSenior Expert 40+
2:27852LageKrisSenior Expert 40+
2:28606MarekAndySenior Expert 40+
2:29WalshTedSenior Expert 40+
2:32487BergNilsVeteran Expert 30-39
2:33Chrisostomo JrJobsonVeteran Expert 30-39
2:34501Da silvaAlexVeteran Expert 30-39
2:35GrahamGarrettVeteran Expert 30-39
2:36388GreatbatchCodyVeteran Expert 30-39
2:37MaloyDavidVeteran Expert 30-39
2:38401MartelliSalvatoreVeteran Expert 30-39
2:39474MotaFernandoVeteran Expert 30-39
2:40363ReedNathanVeteran Expert 30-39
2:41503ScaglioneIanVeteran Expert 30-39
2:42500SousaFelipeVeteran Expert 30-39
2:43224WilliamsJackVeteran Expert 30-39
2:4726BallantyneKaylenMen Expert 19-29
2:48723CampbellBrianMen Expert 19-29
2:49DauenheimerCarlMen Expert 19-29
2:501011GriffinCalebMen Expert 19-29
2:511225HinesDerekMen Expert 19-29
2:52816HopmansDanMen Expert 19-29
2:53568HushonJustinMen Expert 19-29
2:54452JohnsonNicholasMen Expert 19-29
2:55395McBrideCollinMen Expert 19-29
2:56MillerJamesMen Expert 19-29
2:57MontsdeocaMattMen Expert 19-29
2:58372PoliskyCjMen Expert 19-29
2:59RickerStevenMen Expert 19-29
3:00364RickerDevinMen Expert 19-29
3:011269ShaunAykroidMen Expert 19-29
3:02540SmithGeoffMen Expert 19-29
3:06877BourqueCollinJunior Expert 15-18 
3:07325BurnsColinJunior Expert 15-18 
3:08511EvanTigheJunior Expert 15-18 
3:09FreedmanJonahJunior Expert 15-18 
3:10485GadboisEliJunior Expert 15-18 
3:11309GogolinAndrewJunior Expert 15-18 
3:12HubbardColtonJunior Expert 15-18 
3:13LombardiAnthonyJunior Expert 15-18 
3:14483PuchniakMatthewJunior Expert 15-18 
3:15566Taube-PerrottaNoahJunior Expert 15-18 
3:16746WillettsEricJunior Expert 15-18 
3:2019EstradaIvannaPro Women
3:2134AbbyRoncaPro Women
3:2242HarrisLindseyPro Women
3:2349GeorgianIsabelPro Women
3:24693ParenteauKatlinPro Women
3:30393ZekeNeubauerPro Men
3:3172HoffarthMikePro Men
3:3262MorganMaxPro Men
3:3346RicciAaronPro Men
3:3427AlmeidaMiguelPro Men
3:3524ConteDylanPro Men
3:364EstradaMauricioPro Men
3:37AlliareIsaacPro Men
3:38BrousseauKCPro Men
3:39DayStevePro Men
3:40KellySeanPro Men
3:41MelloForrestPro Men
3:42UlmerGeoffPro Men