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2024 Number Plates

2024 MAXXIS ESC BOX Number Plates

NOTE*** Number Selection is now closed

January 1 to January 31 – Custom BOX Plate with Racer’s Name and Number of their Choice – $20 for one plate or $ 30 for two duplicate plates

After January 31 – Racers can purchase a plate onsite with no number or name choice – $10 (duplicates are not available)

Plates will not be shipped; Plates can be picked up at any 2024 ESC event

2024 Maxxis ESC Number Plates are required to RACE and PRACTICE on any Maxxis ESC Race Courses at all MAXXIS ESC events
  • Plates may not be modified in any way. 
  • Prior Season’s Plates May Not Be Used in 2024
  • Number Plates can be purchased onsite for $10 at any Maxxis ESC Event – number choice will not be available
  • Number Plates are good for the entire 2024 season.
  • Plates will not be shipped; you can pick up your plate at any 2023 Maxxis ESC event.

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2024 Number Parameters

1 – 30 reserved for the top 30, 2023 Maxxis ESC Pro Racers

31 – 199 Pro Racers (DH and Enduro)

201 – 999 Intense DH Amateur and Expert Racers

1000 – 1600 Stans Enduro Racers

2024 Reserved Maxxis ESC Number List

Check here first and do not order any number on this list

FINAL and UPDATED 2/2/24 Noon

Top 30 Updated 1/4/24

1 Noah COUTURE 2515
2 Kale CUSHMAN 2496
3 Luke MELLO 2225
4 Steve ESTABROOK 2059
5 Zeke NEUBAUER 2028
6 Adrian HAYDEN 1959
7 Dylan CONTE 1943
9 Maxine BERGERON 1769
10 Tucker SHEARER 1727
11 Kory NAGY 1723
12 Josh POIRIER 1667
13 Mazie HAYDEN 1609
14 Patrick PARÉ-MARTIN 1512
15 Avery ELLIS 1444
16 Cooper PLEVA 1429
17 Sean SURPRENANT 1375
18 Eli GADBOIS 1249
19 Willem COOPER 1181
20 Dan O’CONNOR 1124
21 Adam ROBBINS 1099
22 Alex MCANDREW 998
23 Lenci BOGDAN 980
24 Scott SMITH 954
25 Kelly DUBE 941
26 Serefina KRAJEWSKA 933
27 Nathan STERCKX 927
28 Sam POIRIER 920
29 Allan BISHOP 889
30 Gordon GOSS 843

31 Jason Scheiding Scheiding One Plate
32 Henry Mix Mix Two Plates
33 Ellen Noble Noble One Plate
36 Nick Frazier Frazier Two Plates
38 Luca Catalano Catalano Two Plates
42 Lev Dransfield DRANSFIELD One Plate
43 Felix Laroche Laroche One Plate
44 Burke Warren Warren Two Plates
47 Tina Dutra Dutra One Plate
48 Adam Wesolowski Wesolowski One Plate
49 Parker Downing Downing Two Plates
52 Damon Morin MORIN One Plate
66 Sarah Hamlin Hamlin One Plate
69 Geoff Ulmer Ulmer One Plate
93 Kevin Wilson Wilson One Plate
97 John Foody Foody One Plate
99 Jac Dahrouge DAHROUGE One Plate
100 Matthew Spain Spain Two Plates
135 Kory Nagy NAGY One Plate
138 Matt Sebas SEBAS One Plate
200 Zach Russo Russo One Plate
201 Harbor Dragon Dragon Two Plates
202 Kyle Hamel HAMEL One Plate
203 Tanner Sticco Sticco One Plate
204 Joey Pimentel Pimentel Two Plates
205 Chad Sharrow Sharrow One Plate
206 Mason Sharrow Sharrow One Plate
207 Silas Sharrow Sharrow One Plate
208 Stacy Ritchie Ritchie One Plate
210 Derek Boyle BOYLE Two Plates
211 Toren Gleiman Gleiman One Plate
213 Andrew Gilbert Gilbert One Plate
214 TJ Leach Leach One Plate
218 Gabrielle Sterckx Sterckx One Plate
222 Luke LeBeau Le Beau One Plate
224 Conner Zarra Zarra One Plate
225 Afton Danforth Danforth Two Plates
227 Finn Marsh Marsh Two Plates
228 Brady Miller Miller One Plate
238 Tom Brown Brown One Plate
240 Jay Chilenski CHILENSKI One Plate
241 Chloe Hannon HANNON One Plate
243 Ethan Ellingson Ellingson One Plate
244 Beckett Kochin KOCHIN Two Plates
249 Ian Prebble Prebble Two Plates
251 Zachary Van Dusen Van Dusen One Plate
268 Will Young Young One Plate
269 Timothy Faucette Faucette Two Plates
277 Seth Lombardy Lombardy Two Plates
285 Lance Lafreniere Lafreniere Two Plates
288 Sara Ellen Godek GODEK Two Plates
292 Ryan Dorr DORR Two Plates
300 Matthew Keegan Jr Keegan Jr Two Plates
301 Cael Adams Adams One Plate
302 Peter Clarke CLARKE Two Plates
303 Avery Vihinen Vihinen One Plate
304 Jody Stoddard Stoddard One Plate
305 Eldrick Lauzier Lauzier One Plate
308 Jacob Manning Manning Two Plates
310 Andrew O’Donnell O’Donnell One Plate
311 Tyler Horniak Horniak One Plate
314 Nathan Reed Reed One Plate
315 Joshua Miller Miller One Plate
316 Jesse Brunelle Brunelle Two Plates
319 Nick Sokol Sokol Two Plates
321 Rowan Wright Wright One Plate
323 Raymond Ford Ford Two Plates
325 Mongoose Karsay Karsay Two Plates
330 Tyler Kruszyna Kruszyna One Plate
333 Pete Roman ROMAN Two Plates
337 Kaden Perkins Perkins One Plate
339 Cody Flach Flach Two Plates
346 Ethan Finn Finn Two Plates
350 Hunter Peck Peck Two Plates
351 Chase Wilson WILSON Two Plates
358 Vince Miller Miller Two Plates
359 Owen Hesdon Hesdon One Plate
365 Heath Frazier Frazier Two Plates
369 Jacob Mcdonough Mcdonough One Plate
372 Mark Marrongelli Marrongelli One Plate
378 Emmett Snyder SNYDER Two Plates
379 Xavier Letendre Letendre Two Plates
386 Henry Wilkas WILKAS One Plate
387 Scott WILKAS WILKAS One Plate
392 Albert Legacki Legacki One Plate
393 Tim Huenke Huenke One Plate
400 Salvatore Martelli Martelli One Plate
401 Scott Huntley Huntley Two Plates
404 Kristin Sundquist Sundquist One Plate
405 Cam Lamson Lamson One Plate
407 Amanda Domingus Domingus One Plate
412 Spencer Lutsky Lutsky One Plate
413 Oleksiy Kononenko Kononenko Two Plates
415 Thomas Graeber Graeber Two Plates
420 Eric Clark Clark One Plate
421 Pat Earley EARLEY One Plate
425 Aaron Perry Perry One Plate
431 Eli Laroche Laroche Two Plates
434 Jake Sowles J SOWLES Two Plates
437 Grayson Morin Morin Two Plates
444 Nolan Roy Roy One Plate
446 Beau Clark Clark Two Plates
447 Cade Belliveau Belliveau One Plate
454 Doug Quinn Quinn One Plate
455 Ehren Doherty Doherty One Plate
461 Thomas Topham Topham One Plate
462 George Nicholson Nicholson Two Plates
464 Ty Davis Davis Two Plates
469 Allison Wirtz Wirtz One Plate
484 Levi Kochin KOCHIN One Plate
490 Parker Downing DOWNING Two Plates
498 John Brunelle Brunelle Two Plates
500 Felipe Sousa Sousa One Plate
501 Alex Da silva Da silva One Plate
508 Thomas Choquet Choquet One Plate
509 Madison Anzellotti Anzellotti One Plate
518 joe de angelis De Angelis One Plate
519 Steven Laferriere Laferriere Two Plates
521 Sean Koeller Koeller One Plate
522 Luke Bayliss BAYLISS One Plate
524 Evan Waldman Waldman One Plate
529 Joe Eaton Kimber One Plate
530 Cory Harris HARRIS One Plate
533 Scarlet Munoz Munoz One Plate
541 Sitota LaRocque LAROCQUE Two Plates
545 Cyrus Kidder Kidder One Plate
547 Adam Sarney Sarney Two Plates
555 Brendon Coen COEN One Plate
574 Juan Ocampo Ocampo Two Plates
575 Jon DiVaio DiVaio One Plate
578 Roland Bradshaw Bradshaw One Plate
585 justin norton Norton One Plate
595 Jasper Hance Hance One Plate
599 Brady Lannon Lannon One Plate
601 Ariel Kent Surprenant One Plate
606 Andy Marek MAREK One Plate
607 John Pallotto Pallotto One Plate
610 Ashley Lapointe Lapointe One Plate
611 Bill Horniak Horniak One Plate
613 Parker Snyder Snyder Two Plates
618 Brian Lapointe Lapointe One Plate
621 Antoine Galou Galou One Plate
625 James Cote Cote One Plate
626 Liam Severson Severson Two Plates
629 Jim Catalano Catalano One Plate
642 Antoine Lessard Lessard Two Plates
643 Mark Tobias LJ Tobias Two Plates
650 Cole Casey Casey One Plate
652 Nicholas Schmitz Schmitz One Plate
653 Cole Schmitz SCHMITZ One Plate
661 Bradley Kruszyna Kruszyna One Plate
666 Melvin Mann Mann One Plate
669 Jarred Ensley Ensley One Plate
679 Andrew Steshenko Steshenko One Plate
687 Chloe Huenk Huenke One Plate
690 Jared Wood Wood One Plate
694 Justin Towey no name on plate One Plate
696 Eric Richard Richard Two Plates
699 Derek Delarosa DELAROSA One Plate
700 Nolan Walsh WALSH Two Plates
708 Yofta LaRocque LAROCQUE One Plate
710 Colin Keenan Keenan Two Plates
711 William Spain Spain Two Plates
712 Craig Riley Riley One Plate
715 Aiden O’Donnell O’Donnell One Plate
717 John Pappas PAPPAS Two Plates
720 Sammy Nelson NELSON One Plate
724 Callum Waldman Waldman One Plate
727 Chris Debrosky Debrosky One Plate
729 Josh Greene Greene One Plate
731 Kai Waldman Waldman One Plate
737 Ian Barone Barone One Plate
745 Bodee Flannery Flannery One Plate
750 Michael Tiffe Tiffe One Plate
751 James Wolf Wolf Two Plates
755 Art Tharp THRAP One Plate
756 Owen Tharp THARP One Plate
757 Kevin Clarkston Clarkston One Plate
772 Mike Garbacik GARBACIK Two Plates
777 Theo Bedard BEDARD One Plate
780 Britton Kinnaman Kinnaman Two Plates
781 Ben Kinnaman Kinnaman Two Plates
782 Graeme Kinnaman Kinnaman Two Plates
783 Hunter Bernier Bernier One Plate
785 Axel Ouvrard Ouvrard One Plate
788 Gaston Labrie labrie One Plate
797 Ryden Belliveau Belliveau One Plate
801 Tyler Damms Damms One Plate
802 Owen Brewster Brewster Two Plates
807 Dawson Norcross Norcross One Plate
808 Tim Keenan Keenan Two Plates
811 Jordan Greenberg Greenberg One Plate
813 Thomas Winship WINSHIP One Plate
814 Craig Debrosky Debrosky One Plate
815 Alex Fortier Fortier Two Plates
818 Odin Adolphson ADOLPHSON One Plate
819 Alex Horniak Horniak One Plate
822 Terry Haynes Haynes One Plate
823 Sebastian Estrada Estrada Two Plates
827 Conor Hennessey Hennessey Two Plates
833 John Cain CAIN Two Plates
834 Mason Colf COLF Two Plates
838 Ayrton French French One Plate
845 Landon Marsh Marsh One Plate
851 Gene Stella Stella One Plate
852 Ryan Penafiel Penafiel One Plate
860 Jack Cote Cote One Plate
879 Max Poulsson Poulsson One Plate
881 Tim Shine Shine One Plate
884 Carson Morgan Morgan Two Plates
888 Fred Bassett BASSETT Two Plates
898 Justin Labrie labrie One Plate
908 Michael Chetcuti CHETCUTI One Plate
909 MTB Beta Beta One Plate
910 Jimmy Donnell Donnell One Plate
911 Patrick Reilly Reilly Two Plates
914 Danielle Drosnock Drosnock One Plate
917 Kyle Field FIELD One Plate
923 Noah Bousquet Bousquet One Plate
933 Eric Forde Forde Two Plates
953 Steven J Battaglini BATTAGLINI Two Plates
959 Mattheus Andrade Andrade Two Plates
963 Damian Russell Russell One Plate
966 Gavin Deatherage Deatherage Two Plates
969 Joe Plumpton Plumpton Two Plates
970 Lucas Huenke Huenke One Plate
972 Landon Coen COEN One Plate
993 Richard Marsh Marsh One Plate
999 Joe Eaton Eaton Two Plates
1000 Jeremiah Dixon Dixon Two Plates
1001 Sisu Lange Lange Two Plates
1003 Michal Matejovic MATEJOVIC Two Plates
1004 Avery Ringquist Ringquist One Plate
1005 Afton Danforth Danforth Two Plates
1010 Lukas Diaz Diaz One Plate
1011 Andrew Ross Ross One Plate
1012 Seth Gasiorowski GASIOROWSKI One Plate
1014 Silas Harris HARRIS One Plate
1015 Andy Limjoco Limjoco One Plate
1019 Deven Arthur Arthur One Plate
1021 Joe Belliveau Belliveau Two Plates
1024 Jason Hennessey Hennessey Two Plates
1027 Harper McConnell MCCONNELL One Plate
1028 Ludovic Fortin Fortin One Plate
1034 Jack Boron Boron One Plate
1042 Ryan Coleman Coleman One Plate
1053 Joe Miller Miller Two Plates
1056 Todd Metcalf Metcalf Two Plates
1069 David Kliewer Dave Kliewer Two Plates
1075 Charles Picard PICARD One Plate
1084 Markus Dumoulin Dumoulin One Plate
1097 Raymond Ford Ford Two Plates
1101 ESC ESC Two Plates
1106 Emily Eybalin Sebastiao Eybalin Sebastiao Two Plates
1107 Keegan McNamara McNamara One Plate
1108 Joseph Resuma Resuma One Plate
1110 Vincent Pellicane PELLICANE One Plate
1111 Jean-Sébastien Roy Roy One Plate
1118 Tony Orgain Orgain One Plate
1124 Stacy Ritchie Ritchie One Plate
1125 Trevor Gaylord Gaylord One Plate
1127 Cedric Arthur Arthur One Plate
1135 Hudson Nagy NAGY One Plate
1138 Joe Dansak Dansak Two Plates
1141 Cora Gates Gates One Plate
1144 Paul Longtine Longtine One Plate
1147 Michael Malone Malone One Plate
1154 Nolan Roy Roy One Plate
1168 Merrik Williams Williams One Plate
1169 Brad Corvi Corvi One Plate
1170 Evan Moffett Moffett One Plate
1180 Levi Peters Peters One Plate
1187 Ronan Junior RJUNIOR One Plate
1199 Killian Kingsbury KINGSBURY One Plate
1202 Chris Hilton Hilton One Plate
1206 Dennis Yuroshek YUROSHEK One Plate
1207 Nicholas Whitney WHITNEY One Plate
1211 James Gocke Gocke One Plate
1212 Michael Tarantino Tarantino One Plate
1216 Everett Radock Radock Two Plates
1218 Tillie Lange Lange Two Plates
1221 Tyler Krupa Krupa Two Plates
1223 Matt Sullivan Sullivan Two Plates
1224 Adara Williams Williams One Plate
1227 Zoe Ringquist Ringquist One Plate
1231 Tom Shepherd Shepherd One Plate
1234 Christopher Rivera Rivera Two Plates
1235 Alexander Whalen Whalen Two Plates
1251 Kyle Hotchkiss Hotchkiss One Plate
1255 Myke Juliet Juliet Two Plates
1265 richard fulton Fulton Two Plates
1269 Trevor Bergmann Bergmann Two Plates
1272 Benjamin Dwyer Dwyer Two Plates
1280 William Shine Shine One Plate
1288 Ariana Walker Walker One Plate
1289 Brittany Colby Colby One Plate
1296 Steve Pucciarelli Pucciarelli One Plate
1308 Thomas Winship WINSHIP One Plate
1312 Avery McConnell MCCONNELL One Plate
1313 Samuel Burke Burke One Plate
1322 Wyatt Hilton Hilton One Plate
1323 Alexis Laferriere Laferriere Two Plates
1324 Becky Christensen Christensen One Plate
1325 Calvin Davis Davis One Plate
1331 Steve Hamner Hamner One Plate
1333 Amelia Dwyer Dwyer One Plate
1353 Soren Wilkens Wilkens One Plate
1369 Marcus Donfrancesco Donfrancesco One Plate
1394 Justin Cowdrey Cowdrey One Plate
1399 David Szymansky Szymansky Two Plates
1407 Alex Baker Baker Two Plates
1413 Joshua Ouellette Ouellette One Plate
1414 Justin Foran Foran One Plate
1415 Owen Keal KEAL Three Plates
1420 Nickolas van de Kamp van de Kamp Two Plates
1421 Ed Grano GRANO One Plate
1423 Geoffrey Gauvin Gauvin Two Plates
1425 Zachary Morrison Morrison Two Plates
1440 Ethan Bergmann Bergmann Two Plates
1441 Philip Shaheen III Shaheen One Plate
1444 Stephane Simard Simard One Plate
1456 Justin Doucette DOUCETTE One Plate
1463 Jax Schmitz SCHMITZ Two Plates
1469 Keaton Stone STONE Two Plates
1480 Duke Kingsbury KINGSBURY One Plate
1499 Tanner Pierce PIERCE Two Plates
1501 Owen Wilson Wilson Two Plates
1502 Francisco Arrivillaga Arrivillaga One Plate
1515 Jose Sebastiao Sebastiao Two Plates
1517 Nicholas Ferrante Ferrante Two Plates
1530 Hunter Bernier Bernier One Plate
1569 Asa Wheeland Wheeland One Plate
1580 Britton Kinnaman Kinnaman Two Plates
1581 Ben Kinnaman Kinnaman Two Plates
1582 Graeme Kinnaman Kinnaman Two Plates
1599 Derek Pierce PIERCE Two Plates
1616 Ben Wilson WILSON One Plate
1644 Brendan Cavanaugh CAVANAUGH One Plate
1669 Jay Pickett Pickett Two Plates
1690 Holden Trahan TRAHAN One Plate
1699 Doug Quinn Quinn One Plate
1775 Bryan Guenthner Guenthner One Plate
1777 Athena Moore Moore One Plate
1785 Adam Terreri Terreri Two Plates
1981 Ramerom Koblinger Koblinger One Plate