The Maxxis ESC is proud to announce the free STRIDER Riders program for the 2021 race season. At every event, the Maxxis ESC will set up a safe area for toddlers and young children to have fun riding bikes just like the rest of the community.

We’ll supply 6 Strider bikes, Strider Helmets, and pads for their fun and safety. We plan on a friendly, no stress competition for the kids if there is interest.

A parent or guardian will have to fill out a Maxxis ESC Waiver, then we’ll give you a free Strider Race Plate to identify the kids. The plate is theirs to keep, and we ask parents to remove them when their children are not riding and to put them back on when they are, so others can enjoy the bikes.

A parent or a guardian must be present when the child is riding in the Strider Rider’s Program.