CLIF Enduro Lite Class

This new for 2020 class will race for a reduced rate thanks to CLIF and the MAXXIS ESC. CLIF ENDURO LITE Racers will compete on one less stage and race with the CLIF KIDS CLASS. This class is meant for beginner and new to enduro racers to experience what the enduro racing excitement is all about.

Have you been hearing the buzz about enduro racing but weren’t sure if it was for you? Got a kid that’s been bugging you to let them race? The Clif Enduro Lite Class will offer an introduction to enduro racing in a stress-free setting. This Class will ride and race with the Clif Kids Class.

Racers will race one less segment and get a total race time and a race time for each segment. The class will not compete for Maxxis ESC Podiums, Medals, or a Series Championship. This is the for the FUN Class!!

Everyone has to start somewhere, and this is the place. Before you know it, you and/or your kid will be ready for the next level of racing. Spread the word and we hope to see you at one of our events!

The Clif Enduro Lite format will offer four fun tracks to entertain all levels of riders but will focus primarily on women, kids, and first-timers. The emphasis will not be on results or prizes but on learning and having fun with like-minded mountain bike riders.

All CLIF LITE CLASS racers will be awarded a prize and called up to the podium for pictures at our awards ceremony.  

PLEASE NOTE: CLIF Lite Class racers are required to stay with the CLIF Kids Class and race the segments in the same order. CLIF Enduro Lite Class Racers may only compete in enduro at our Box Showdown Events.