MAXXIS ESC Enduro EWS Gold Level Qualifier at Arrowhead Recreation Area Information

** NOTE: All riders at Arrowhead on Saturday and Sunday must be registered racers with number plates. Can you imagine if all 300+ racers brought a friend?

Ebikes allowed only for Ebike Racers

At Arrowhead Recreation Area from Saturday 8am-Sunday 4pm

This event is completely sold out and no onsite registrations will be available.

There will be a Mandatory Racers Meeting at 8:15 am Sunday

Please watch our Virtual Racer Meeting as we will not cover this info at the live meeting: 2021 Maxxis ESC Virtual Racer’s Meeting


If you have not pre- purchased your required 2021 Maxxis ESC Number Plate, you can pick one at the registration tents. The cost is $10 (cash only) and are to be used for the entire 2021 race season. The high quality Box race plate normally retails for $20.

The NEUTRAL PIT AREA is the Arrowhead Parking lot only, no assistance is allowed elsewhere including the transfers, feed tent, and race segments.

Attached are a couple of documents for you to review, one is the map. We will NOT have printed maps for this event as the course is easy to follow, so if you want one please print it. The 2021 MAXXIS ESC Enduro rules are also attached, there have been some changes, so it would be best to read everything.

Racers must be present at the racer’s meeting where we will activate their chips and call them up to start. We will announce the starting order at the Racers Meeting.


We hate rules as much as you do but to be able to have an event at Arrowhead we must enforce the following event-specific rules or the offending racer will be disqualified:

Motorex E Bike Class – The Motorex Ebike Class will compete on all 6 stages.. 

ONLY Motorex Ebike Class Racers may use E-bikes from 8 am Saturday to the end of the event Sunday on the trails at Arrowhead. Motorex Ebike Racers will be identified by their yellow ESC race plates

EWS Qualifying Information for this event can be found in the EWS Rulebook located in Chapter 2.4 in the document located here:

If you have an EWXS License you must give us your EWS License Number at Check-In

NO SHUTTLING – That goes for everyone from 8 am Saturday to the events end Sunday. If you are seen/reported/caught/whatever shuttling, you will be assessed a time penalty. Trust us you will not be on the podium if you try, so don’t.

If you have a fever, symptoms, or are afraid of catching Covid-19 please stay at home.

Registration – Please download and fill out all the attached documents prior to getting in the registration line. Minors will need to have their waivers notarized if their parent will not be present at registration check-in.

Pro Racers Must be on the podium when called to receive any prizing – For all other classes we will be calling up the top 5 racers 10 minutes after their class has completed and the results have been posted.

Racers must be present when their class is called up to activate their chips. Do not start the race without doing so or you will not get your racing times and be DQ’d.


Attached are a couple of documents for you to review, one is the map. We will NOT have printed maps for this event as the course is easy to follow, so if you want one please print it. Please review the 2021 MAXXIS ESC Enduro rules on our website, there have been some changes, so it would be best to read everything.

All attached forms must be filled out even if you are preregistered. Print them out, fill them in and save time.

$100 TIMING CHIPS We will be using our SIAC Fly By timing system for this event. Please note if you do not return the SIAC Timing Chip you will owe us $100. Yes, they cost that much. Other enduro series require the racers to use their own or rent them plus a deposit. We trust our racers until proven otherwise so please make sure to return the chip if you decide to leave early.

Please Note: GPS units on bars or stem may interfere with the SIAC Timing Chip so it’s best not to use one

Racers must be present at the racer’s meeting where we will activate their chips.

Please drive slowly through the neighborhood while visiting Glen Park, we do not want to upset the neighbors and please visit the local restaurants and let them know you are there because of the enduro race.

We will be onsite Friday afternoon for registration from 4-6 pm, please understand we cannot do any registration at other times on Friday. We have a lot of courses set up and we really want to ride our bikes too!

Also back this year is the FLAT TIRE DEFENDER Super Stage. This competition awards the fastest amateur male and amateur female one FLAT TIRE DEFENDER INSERT and the fastest in every class an FTD backpack with an FTD discount card inside, it will be contested on STAGE 1. Please note the winners will be announced and prizes awarded after the last racer has finished. Racers must be present to win awards

Back again this season is the INTENSE BIKES PODIUM PAYBACK Program that pays cash or certificates to racers that have raced with an Intense bike and have registered with Intense here:

Another new program is the SDR Rewards, any time a men’s amateur class exceeds 50 racers or the women’s amateur class exceeds 20 that class will be awarded a cash prize in addition to the regular product prizing.

SDR Rewards are active for the U20 and 20-29 classes at this event. They will receive CASH in addition to the regular prizing, for more info please see later in this email and our website.

We will be offering our 2021 Maxxis ESC Socks, Pint Glasses, and T-Shirts at our registration tents, please remember its cash only.

Parking: Claremont Middle School (next to Arrowhead) / Claremont Savings Bank Community

Center (across South Street) / Monadnock Park


Rocky’s Taqueria, breakfast, lunch, and supper, Sunday 8 am-5 pm / Sunshine Cookshop

Jamaican Style Cooking, Sunday 12 noon-5pm

Cold and hot beverages / Sweet Fire BBQ pop-up beer garden (designated age-restricted area), Saturday 3 pm-7 pm, Sunday 12 noon-6pm

CAMPING: Limited tent camping and van/truck camping will be available at the Arrowhead race site. Travel trailers and motorhomes will not be allowed on site. There are no utility hookups on-site and the surface is a mixture of dirt and pavement. The fee for camping will be $25 per night.

We will also have an offsite camping location located 1.5 miles from the race site for van/truck camping. Travel trailers and motorhomes will be allowed on site.  There are no utility hookups on-site. The surface for offsite camping is pavement. The fee for the offsite location is $15. Address: 135 Maple Ave, Claremont, NH 03743

Portable toilets will be available at Both sites. To reserve your camping spot for race weekend, please click the link below. Sites will be assigned on the day of arrival. Arrival time on Friday is no sooner than 3:00 PM; departure time on Sunday is no later than 7:00 PM. 

Onsite & Offsite Lodging Option Links:

Onsite Camping at Arrowhead – *Friday Night*
Onsite Camping at Arrowhead – *Saturday Night*

Offsite Camping – *Friday Night*
Offsite Camping – *Saturday Night*

Other Lodging Options:

Running Bear Campground – Approximately 6.5 miles from the race site.

Mount Ascutney State Park – Approximately 8.5 miles from the race site.

Crown Point Camping Area – Approximately 13 miles from the race site.

Common Man Inn – Approximately 0.7 miles from the race site.

Best Western Springfield, VT – Approximately 10 Miles from the race site.

Holiday Inn – Mount Ascutney Resort – Approximately 12 miles from the race site.

Onsite Food Service: We are currently working on food options for the race venue and we will communicate that with all registered racers when we have final confirmation from our vendors.

NUMBER PLATES – All racers must always have a 2021 Maxxis ESC Number plate attached to their bike while riding at Glen Park after 9 am Saturday until the event end on Sunday afternoon. If you have not paid for your 2021 Maxxis ESC number plate or registration, please note it is EXACT CASH only, due to Covid 19 we will not be recirculating cash or making change.

WAIVERS / REGISTRATION FORMS – All racers must check-in at registration and fill out the registration and waiver forms before riding the trails after 9 am Saturday.


4 pm – 6 pm Registration

9 am – 2 pm Registration
Enduro Practice 10:00am – 5:00pm

7:30 am – 8:30 am Late Registration

Mandatory Racer’s Meeting 8:15 am
Motorex Ebike Start 8:10 am – No Practice
Enduro Race Start 8:30am – No Practice

MAXXIS ESC Enduro Ranking Points: This event and all 2021 Maxxis ESC / EWS events offer 125% Maxxis ESC Enduro Series Points

  •  – That goes for all weekend for everyone. If you are seen/reported/caught/whatever shuttling you will be assessed a time penalty. Trust us you will not be on the podium if you try, so don’t.
  • NUMBER PLATES – Will be sold at registration for $10 each. A 2021 MAXXIS ESC Number Plate must be affixed correctly to your bike always while on the tracks this weekend.. You will not be allowed to ride without one. No cuts or trimming allowed on the plate please.
  • PARKING –If the lots are full please park legally in the designated area on the street, do not block driveways, hydrants and lock your car. No EZ Ups allowed on the streets.
  • CASH ONLY –No ATMs on site
  • BUG SPRAY – You will want it and please don’t ask for ours…lol
  • COLD – Temps expected in the 30’s overnights
  • RAIN – Don’t even go there !!
  • Kate’s Kids Class and Kates Enduro Lite Class – Will compete on sections 4-5-1-2 in that order. Our Staff will conduct a course ride along on Saturday at 10:00am. Meet at the Registration Tents. The above may be adjusted, so please check with us at Registration. No parents may ride with or run behind their children unless they are registered racers