2020 Race Refunds have been processed

2020 Race Refunds have been processed.

We’ve been working for months to process almost 800 race PayPal refunds due to Covid. We appreciate your patience with us through this very difficult time, the series was pressed financially to make sure everyone got their money back for races that were canceled or postponed. Unfortunately, PayPal keeps their fees so processing them not only took weeks of time but cost the series over $2000.00

This along with the loss of income for the canceled races will impact the series in 2021 and possibly beyond., Rest assured we are working on securing sponsors, chatting with venues about scheduling, and making plans for a great race season next year.

Getting back to refunds we have identified about 20 folks that we cannot process refunds for or send payment to because their emails are unverified by PayPal. We have emailed all of them and have heard back from several but suspect that our messages are ending up in a spam folder or just aren’t being checked.

Additionally, we fear some race registrations may have fallen through the cracks somehow. Keeping track of everything amidst many transferred registrations was a daunting task for sure.

After 6 months PayPal doesn’t allow for refunding a sale, so we sent direct payments with an explanation for those folks.

Please note we are not processing refunds for rescheduled and/or completed events, that window closed two weeks before each event.

• So please contact us if you think you might be owed a refund, but please check your PayPal account first and carefully to see if a payment or a refund was issued.
• Please include the following information or we will be returning your email asking for it, this also makes sure you have checked your accounts prior to contacting us.
• Blanket emails asking if you are owed so a refund will be returned as well.
• Racers that paid by Credit Card and do not have a PayPal account will have to set one up as we can only refund through PayPal.

Required info for checking a refund:

• First and Last Name
• Racer Class
• Date of purchase
• PayPal Transaction Number
• PayPal Email address used
• Event and if Practice Pass was purchased

Please note we are still forming a plan for our 2020 season pass holders and will not be offering 2021 season passes to the public.

Email us at: easternstatescup@hotmail.com

The refund period will be until December 1. 2020 after that we’ll be closing the books on this crazy season.