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2020 Schedule and Series’ Rules are now finalized!

Hey Maxxis ESC Specialized Enduro and Intense DH racers we need your help!!

We all know this has been a very difficult year due to Covid. People and businesses have been affected in different ways. Some have thrived, some devastated and others just getting by.

Our goal this year was getting safe events on the calendar so our great community could once again be together and make it seem somewhat like normal times for all of you. To a great extent we have succeeded and are thrilled that we were able to pull everything together.

Moving forward we have posted final schedules and modified series rules for both the Maxxis ESC Specialized Enduro and the Intense DH series’ on our website,

The Two series points standings are also up on Roots and Rain as follows:

The ESC has moved from the “devastated” category to the “almost getting by” category thanks to the venues and folks at the venues that allowed us to race at. With the extremely shortened season attendance at every event is important, as our expenses for this season have remained mostly constant.

So that’s where we really need your help in attending one or hopefully more of our last 4 events at Powder Ridge and Mountain Creek. Please register and come join us in a fun, exciting , fulfilling and safe weekend with like minded folks and help us get to the 2021 season and presenting it in the manner Maxxis ESC racers are accustomed to.

Please show your support for the Maxxis ESC community and attend a race or three.