Maxxis ESC Box Showdown #1 at Blue Mountain Information

Featuring the Specialized Enduro and the Intense Downhill Series’

Stage 1: Boulevard – Upper King Tut

Transfer 1: Up Boulevard to Chutes & Ladders
Stage 2: Chutes & Ladders – Wild Turkey (New bench cut at end)

Transfer 2: Chairlift

Stage 3: Chunkleberry – Miles of Smiles – El Camino – Lower King Tut – Happy Yummy – Dual Slalom

Transfer 3: Chairlift

Stage 4: Skytop – El Camino – Miles of Smiles – Boulevard – Root Down – Rollercoaster

Transfer 4: Chairlift

Stage 5: Formula – OCS – Loose Cannon – Happy Ending

Downhill 1
Formula – OCS – Loose Cannon – Happy Ending

MAXXIS ESC BOX Components Showdown
At Blue Mountain Bike Park

Hello Racers,

Thank You for registering for the First MAXXIS ESC Box Components Showdown of the season featuring the first Intense DH and the first Specialized Enduro of 2020. We are excited to be heading back to one of our most popular venues and are really looking forward to seeing our DH friends after the long spring and winter.

As you can imagine there are some new policies due to Covid-19, we’ll list some of them here but please use common sense at all times. A couple bad pictures or someone getting sick at our events could jeopardize the 2020 Maxxis ESC season and none of us wants that.

If you have a fever, symptoms or are afraid of catching Covid-19 please stay at home.

2020 Maxxis ESC Specialized Virtual Racer’s Meeting – Please review

Event – No official award ceremony but Pros must be available for their group podium picture following their Class results being posted. Pro Racers MUST be present at the Podium Picture to Receive Awards and/or Cash Payouts! Amateurs will be called up to collect their prizing 15 minutes after their class results are posted, to allow for protests. Our podium and backdrops will be set up for the racers that want to have their picture taken on the podium.

Registration – Please download and fill out all the attached documents prior to getting in the registration line. Only racers registering should be in line with the exception of racers under 18 for them one parent or guardian should be in the registration line. Masks must be worn when registering or in the registration line. Minors will need to have their waivers notarized if their parent will not be present at registration check-in.

Blue Mountain Bike Park COVID-19 Safety Precautions

Facemasks must be worn in all Blue Mountain building and outdoors anywhere distancing is not possible. This includes our lift corral, and lift loading/unloading areas. Mask use is a Pennsylvania state mandate. Please respect our policy so we can continue to operate the bike park and keep our employees and guests as safe as possible.

On the Chairlift:
• We will be loading a maximum of four bikes per lift tray on the outside carriers. We will only load 4 bikes if the rider is comfortable riding with another person on the chair.
• Guests may not sit in the chair directly behind the bike carrier to give the unloading attendant sufficient time to unload bikes and distance themselves from the unloading area
• Guests who arrived in the same vehicle will be permitted to ride the chair together, all other guests will be asked to sit separately.
• Bikes will be unloaded and placed in a rack for guests to pick up. Sanitation wipes and hand sanitizer will be available at the top of the chairlift.

On the Trails:
• Riders are encouraged to only ride those they arrived with
• Riders are encouraged to continue using their masks while riding
• Rider spacing of at least 20 meters is encouraged to avoid the “slipstream” of exhalation
• If stopping along a trail, stopped riders must move at least 6’ off the trail tread while stopped
• Ride within your limits. We understand everyone is ready to get out and shred. Progression and testing your limits can wait. Ride smart, ride safe!
• All elements of the Mountain Bikers Code of Conduct should continue to be followed

If you have not paid for your 2020 Maxxis ESC number plate or registration, please note it is EXACT CASH only, due to Covid 19 we will not be recirculating cash or making change.

Attached are a couple documents for you to review, one is the map. We will NOT have printed maps for this event as the course is easy to follow, so if you want one please print it. Please review the 2020 MAXXIS ESC Enduro and DH rules on our website, there have been some changes, so it would be best to read everything.

All attached forms must be filled out even if you preregistered. Print them out, fill them in and save time.

We will be onsite Friday and we have a lot of set up and course work to get done, however we will work fast and try to open registration on Friday from 2-5pm.

BOX SHOWDOWN – Please note the winners will be announced and prizes awarded after the last racer has finished. Racers must be present to win awards
The BOX Components Showdowns are contested within the Maxxis ESC. The “BOX Showdown” weekends will feature both Enduro and Down Hill races at the largest resorts on our schedule. The ESC will combine results from racers that compete in both disciplines for some great prizing supplied by Box Components.

BOX Components and the ESC will present high end prizing for the top three men and women that race both Enduro and Downhill during the weekend.

$100 TIMING CHIPS – We will be using our SIAC Fly By timing system for the enduro event. Please note if you do not return the SIAC Timing Chip you will owe us $100. Yes they cost that much. Other enduro series require the racers to use their own or rent them plus a deposit. We trust our racers until proven otherwise so please make sure to return the chip if you decide to leave early.

Please Note: GPS units on bars or stem may interfere with the SIAC Timing Chip so it’s best not to use one

Enduro racers must have their timing chips activated before starting the race. We will call up individual classes to the Maxxis ESC tents for chip activation. Please do not get on the lift or start the race before this or you will not get any section times.


Back is the FOX Seatpost Climbers Challenge. We’ll award the fastest amateur a FOX Transfer Seatpost and the fastest in every class will win some cool FOX Socks. Please note the winners will be announced and prizes awarded after the last racer has finished. Racers must be present to win awards

Also back this year is the FLAT TIRE DEFENDER Super Stage. This competition awards the fastest amateur male and amateur female one FLAT TIRE DEFENDER INSERT and the fastest in every class an FTD backpack with an FTD discount card inside, it will be contested on STAGE 1. Please note the winners will be announced and prizes awarded after the last racer has finished. Racers must be present to win awards

Back again this season is the INTENSE BIKES PODIUM PAYBACK Program that pays cash or certificates to racers that have raced with an Intense bike and have registered with Intense here:

Another new program is the SDR Rewards, any time a men’s amateur class exceeds 50 racers or the women’s amateur class exceeds 20 that class will be awarded with a cash prize in addition to the regular product prizing.

Timing will be performed by All Sports Event, the great folks that we used after the first few races last season. Also back is the FLY SPEED ZONE that awards prizing for the fastest racers through the radar speed trap.

1PM-6PM DH Practice Saturday – Course is being used for enduro race FIRST

Please review the DH rules on the website especially regarding reruns so there is no confusion on that matter.


2020 MAXXIS ESC Gear in now available onsite, including: Socks, Hats, T Shirts and Fenders. Exact Cash Only – no change will be available due to Covid
If you purchased a personalized Maxxis ESC jersey, they will be available for pick up at the registration tents.

Friday 2:00pm – 5:00pm Enduro and DH Registration
Enduro and DH tracks will be taped and open
Friday Lift Passes available from Blue Mountain

8:00am – 10:00am Specialized Enduro Only Registration

10:00am Specialized Enduro Race Start

12:00am – 2:00pm Specialized DH Registration

1pm – 6pm DH Practice Saturday – Course is being used for enduro race until 1pm

8am – 10am Specialized DH Registration
9:00am-12:00noon Specialized DH Practice 

12:30pm Specialized DH Race Start 

TEAM PITS – Due to Covid 19 there will be no official team Pit area onsite
HELMETS – MUST be worn properly everywhere at all times when on your bike
TEAROFFS – No goggle tear-offs at any time during the events.
EBIKES – Ebikes are not allowed to be used on the race tracks at this event please.

CAMPING- Parking lot camping is available Friday and Saturday nights in the Valley parking lots, $15 per person for the weekend, under 18 free, rest rooms and showers are included. The showers will be available for all campers. They will be closed between 1pm-4pm for cleaning. As always, racers are asked to be clean and respectful when utilizing these facilities as they are used for our summer camp kids the following Monday.
Racers my also opt to use the regular camp sites for $35 a night subject to availability. These sites can be booked through Blue Mountain, they will sell out. Go to for info.
Any fires in the parking lot must be in a raised fire pit or grill. We will not be providing fire rings. A complete list of rules will be provided to campers.
For our regular camping site or a glamping site, sites can be reserved in advance at These sites include picnic tables and showers (by appt only).

NUMBER PLATES – Will be sold at registration for $10 each. A 2020 MAXXIS ESC Number Plate must be affixed correctly to your bike always while on the tracks this weekend at Blue Mountain and your lift pass must be visibly attached to your bike. You will not be allowed to ride without both. No cuts or trimming allowed on the plate please.

NO SHUTTLING – That goes for all weekend for everyone. If you are seen/reported/caught/whatever shuttling, you will be assessed a time penalty. Trust us you will not be on the podium if you try, so don’t.

· CASH ONLY – Yup, ATM onsite – Exact amount please no change will be given due to Covid

· PARKING – In the Lot. Guests are asked to park with sufficient space between vehicles to allow 6’ or more between vehicles. Our parking lot is large and there is plenty of room to distance. Large gatherings in the parking lot are prohibited.

· BUG SPRAY – You will want it and please don’t ask for ours…lol

· COLD – Temps expected in the 30’s overnights

· RAIN – Don’t even go there!!

· FOOD – Blue Mountain’s kitchen will be open for some great food.

· SAFETY – Blue Mountain Rescue.

· CLIF KIDS CLASS AND CLIF ENDURO LITE CLASS –They will compete on Sections 4-5-2-3 in that order. The group will meet at the Maxxis ESC Registration tents at 12 noon on Friday for practice rides and 9 am Saturday for the race start. Brooks Nablo’s and Nick Schmitz will be leading and following these two classes to make sure they are safe. The above may be adjusted, so please check with us at Registration. No parents may ride with or run behind their children unless they are registered racers – NO EXCEPTIONS. Racers in this class may only race in one event, either DH or enduro but not both.

· AWARDS – Pro Racers MUST be present at the Race Award Ceremony to Receive Awards and/or Cash Payouts! Amateurs will be called up to collect their prizing 15 minutes after their class results are posted, to allow for protests. Our podium and backdrops will be set up for the racers that want to have their picture taken on the podium.