Racers that did not purchase a Saturday Lift Practice Pass will either have to purchase one at registration or show us a paper Thunder Mountain Saturday Lift Pass before registering.

If you have a 2019 Thunder Season Pass, a 2019 MTB Parks Pass or a 2019 Thunder RFID Card you’ll need to visit the Thunder Mountain desk and get your paper ticket there first.

If you pre registered and purchased a Saturday Lift Practice Pass for the Specialized Enduro Finals at Thunder this weekend you are all set.

Thank You for registering for the MAXXIS ESC Specialized Enduro Finals. We are excited to be heading back to one of our most popular enduro venues.

If you have not paid for your 2019 Maxxis ESC number plate or registration, please note it is CASH only.


$100 TIMING CHIPS We will be using our SIAC Fly By timing system for the enduro event. Please note if you do not return the SIAC Timing Chip you will owe us $100. Yes they cost that much. Other enduro series require the racers to use their own or rent them plus a deposit. We trust our racers until proven otherwise so please make sure to return the chip if you decide to leave early.

Please Note: GPS units on bars or stem may interfere with the SIAC Timing Chip so it’s best not to use one

Attached are a couple documents for you to review, one is the map. We will NOT have printed maps for this event as the course is easy to follow, so if you want one please print it. The 2019 MAXXIS ESC Enduro rules are also attached, there have been some changes, so it would be best to read everything.

Racers must be present at the racers meeting where we will activate their chips.


We will be camping at the Charlemont Fairgrounds and starting the enduro from the Maxxis ESC Registration Tents at Thunder Mountain at 9 am Sunday. The racers meeting will take place at 8:30 at the Maxxis ESC Registration Tents.


Ride bike on the road in the same direction as traffic

Stop at red lights and stop signs, and obey other traffic signs

Yield to traffic already on the road

Yield before entering a roadway

Yield before moving laterally or turning

Ride single file and no “pack” riding


There is NO PARKING at Warfield House for Saturday or Sunday.

It is imperative that racers follow the rules of the road and come to full stops at the stop signs. Racers observed not stopping at stop signs or riding on the wrong side of the road will be disqualified. Be especially careful near the covered bridge when exiting the Fairgrounds/Camping Area.

The town is supporting of these events but still getting used to so many bikers in town. Let’s start the summer off strong and follow rules of the road to help us ensure many more years of great events.  

All attached forms must be filled out even if you preregistered. Print them out, fill them in and save time.

There will be a Thunder Mountain paper waiver at registration, everyone needs to fill that along with the attached entry form and ESC waiver.

Attached are a couple documents for you to review, one is the enduro map. We will NOT have printed maps for this event as the course is easy to follow, so if you want one please print it. The 2019 MAXXIS ESC Specialized Enduro rules are also attached, there have been some changes, so it would be best to read everything.

We will be onsite Friday afternoon but please understand we cannot do any registration on Friday. We have a lot of set up and course work to get done.

One new rule change for all racers but will mostly impact the DH racers is, we are not allowing goggle tear-offs at any time during the events.



Back is the FOX Seatpost Climbers Challenge. We’ll award the fastest amateur a FOX Transfer Seatpost and the fastest in every class some cool FOX Socks. However at Thunder Mountain we will prizing the fastest amateur finisher from their start time to their completion time of the six stages the seat post and the fastest in each class a pair of FOX socks. We are changing this up because we are racing 6 stages, the extra stage will be using the timing equipment that is normally used on the FOX Seatpost Climbers Challenge.

Also back this year is the FLAT TIRE DEFENDER Super Stage. This competition awards the fastest amateur male and amateur female one FLAT TIRE DEFENDER INSERT and the fastest in every class an FTD backpack with an FTD discount card inside, it will be contested on STAGE 1.

The ALEX RIMS Super Stage is back too!. This competition awards the fastest amateur male and amateur female a pair of Alex Rims Volar rims and the fastest in every class a custom water bottle filled with Clif Products it will be contested on STAGE 6.

Brand New this season is the INTENSE BIKES PODIUM PAYBACK Program that pays cash or certificates to racers that have raced with an Intense bike and have registered with Intense here:

Another new program is the SDR Rewards, any time a men’s amateur class exceeds 50 racers or the women’s amateur class exceeds 20 that class will be awarded with a cash prize in addition to the regular product prizing.


2019 MAXXIS ESC Gear in now available onsite, including: Socks, Hats, T Shirts and Fenders.


FRIDAY – Lift runs 10-5 Courses will be marked. No registration. Charlemont Fairgrounds will open at 5:30pm for Camping. Please don’t set up early.

SATURDAY – Open for riding, tracks open. Registration at Thunder Mountain at the MAXXIS ESC Tents 9am-2pm. Lift runs 9-5


  • CAMPING – Camping is offered as part of the ESC Box Showdown at the Charlemont Fairgrounds. Participants will be able to overnight there on Friday and Saturday. The fairgrounds will be open starting at 5:30pm on Friday. Please don’t set-up prior.  There is a $10 per night/per head venue fee for the weekend, cash only. No alcohol, open fires or fireworks are allowed at the fairgrounds. We would like to promote the social aspect of these races, and have a fire pit to hang out Saturday night and encourage organizing other activities. No electrical or RV hookups exist, but it is a beautiful old New England fairground with plenty of places to park your rig or setup a tent. 
  • Camping at Thunder: NONE CLOSED – You will be asked to move
  • A number of people have asked about setting up pits at Thunder Mountain for the weekend or driving down a camper during the day. People are free to set-up pits or park their RV in the parking lot during the day on Saturday and Sunday. If you leave your pit set up on Saturday night, please know you do this at your own risk and Berkshire East nor ESC are not responsible for any personal belongings. 
  • Directions to Charlemont Fairgrounds: The fairgrounds are located .25 mile on 8A north off of route 2. Follow 8A until you come to a covered bridge (Bissell Bridge) and take a right up the hill before crossing the bridge. Most GPS devices should find Charlemont Fairgrounds if you search. Don’t type in the actual address as it will not lead you where you need to go. 
  • NUMBER PLATES – Will be sold at registration for $10 each. A 2019 MAXXIS ESC Number Plate must be affixed correctly to your bike always while on the tracks this weekend at Thunder Mountain and your lift pass must be visibly attached to your bike. You will not be allowed to ride without both. No cuts or trimming allowed on the plate please.
  • WAIVERS / REGISTRATION FORMS – All racers must check in at registration and fill out the registration and waiver forms before riding the trails after 9am Saturday. Minors will need to have their waivers notarized if their parent will not be present at registration check-in.
  • NO SHUTTLING – That goes for all weekend for everyone. If you are seen/reported/caught/whatever shuttling, you will be assessed a time penalty. Trust us you will not be on the podium if you try, so don’t.
  • CASH ONLY – Yup, ATM onsite
  • PARKING – In the Lot
  • BUG SPRAY – You will want it and please don’t ask for ours…lol
  • COLD – Temps expected in the 30’s overnights
  • RAIN – Don’t even go there!!
  • FOOD Thunder Mountain’s kitchen will be open for breakfast and lunch, their egg sandwiches are pretty darn good.
  • SAFETY – Thunder Mountain Rescue.
  • CLIF KIDS CLASS –They will compete on Sections to be determined during the Saturday Pre Ride. The group will meet at the Maxxis ESC Registration tents at 10am Saturday for a group ride. Brooks Nablo’s and Brad Couture will be leading and following the enduro kids to make sure they are safe. The above may be adjusted, so please check with us at Registration. No parents may ride with or run behind their children unless they are registered racers – NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • AWARDS –  Racers MUST be present at the Series Final Award Ceremonies or at the Race Award Ceremony to Receive Awards and/or Cash Payouts!