MAXXIS ESC Enduro Timing Update

Maxxis ESC Timing Chips

Racers have been asking for Fly By Timing at Maxxis ESC Enduros and this year we are delivering !

The plan is to use SIAC timing chips to time our enduros. The chips will allow racers to start and finish on the fly, we’ve used the system for two years in our CLIF Enduro East EWS events with 100% success.

The chips will allow timing to the 1/1000th of a second virtually eliminating ties. It’s a great system with a hardly any learning curve for the racers. We’ll hand out the chips at your registration but please take care as the replacement cost of the SIAC timing chips if lost or damaged is $100.

The cost is high because the chips are actually mini computers with a battery inside. After the racers meeting on Sunday the Maxxis ESC crew will turn the chips on and assist in mounting them to each racers handlebars.

The only caveat is because of the cost we will only have a limited number of entries for each event, presently we have 210 SIAC’s and will be purchasing another 25 or $2500 worth of chips bringing the total to 235.

Events that “sell out” early enough we may be able to borrow some additional chips from one of the other promoters in our Association. However we cannot guarantee we can get them in time of if the promoters need them for their own events.

Our suggestion is to get registered early for our most popular events to assure your starting spot. Registration pages are on our website HERE

Thank you for your support in the past and in the future, we are always trying to bring our racers the best experience possible and are always listening for suggestions on how to improve the series.