CLIF KIDS Class Update

The 12 and Under CLIF Kids CLASS in both DH and Enduro is growing rapidly. We took the bold step to offer basically free race registration to all the kids, thanks to the support from CLIF Bar.

2017’s MAXXIS ESC Pro DH and Enduro Champion Rachel Pageau – will be offering two free one hour clinics. One for DH and one for enduro at most of our events this season. No sign up required just meet up at the ESC tents. Saturday 12 noon for Enduro and at 1pm for the DH kids.

Brooks, 6 year old son raced with us last year and had a blast. This year he is practice riding, racing and following the enduro kids to make sure they are safe.

Michael has a son racing DH and will do the same as Brooks in our DH series.