Registered Teams



We are starting a new test program to give MTB race teams more exposure and preferred pit space at selected events. There will be no cost in 2020 for team participation in this program.  Teams have been requesting this and we are excited to offer this new program.

The number of teams approved is limited and teams that raced in the 2019 Maxxis ESC Series will be given preference. 

Here’s what we’ll offer:
• No ESC fee for preferred pit space at events where it is available, however the venues may select to charge for pit space as they see fit
• ESC to Supply the venues $1,000,000 Liability Insurance to the venues on your behalf for events where Preferred Team Pit Space is offered.
• A Team tab on our webpage listing teams, members, a team picture and a link to your website/ social media pages

Requirements or application:
• Team should have a minimum of 3 racers and wear common team jerseys at events
• Team members should list the team on registration
• Team should have a website or a minimum the combination of team Facebook and Instagram pages.
• Team should have one person listed as the owner or manager who will be onsite at the event and responsible for the team. Manager/owner must supply their contact information for the Insurance Certificate.
• Teams must inform the ESC by email to, no later than one week prior of the event that the listed owner/ manager will not be in attendance and who the designated responsible person will be and their legal name, Address, Email, Cell phone information, if the team desires preferred pit space at the event
• Team to supply a minimum of one course volunteer although two are preferred for each event the teams receive preferred pit space
• Teams must inform the ESC by email to, no later than Tuesday prior of the event that they will be in attendance and desire preferred pit space , where available.

• These rules are not complete and can be added to or adjusted at any time as the ESC sees fit
• An understanding that venues may have specific rules in addition or in place of the ESC’s
• No Stakes of any length may be placed in the ground. Tents must be weighed down with weights. Most venues require a permit to use stakes and we do not apply for them to save time, money and for location selection
• No overnight parking or camping in the preferred pit space area
• No trailers in the preferred pit space without permission, this can vary by the venue
• No loud music or PA’s allowed at any time
• No Alcohol or smoking in the preferred pit space area
• The ESC nor the venue will be ESC not responsible for your stuff
• Size of space will be determined by the ESC, the venue and the location of the preferred pit area
• Teams must have ESC approval of the tents locations prior to setting up in the preferred pit area
• Officially the ESC does not allow pets at the events. However, any pets must be confined within Tents and not left alone, no or minimal barking. This may be more restricted at some venues so please check ahead.
• Maximum one vehicle per team and in some cases, none will be allowed in the pit area. There may me a load in / load out period at some venues
• An understanding that the pit area is for team use
• Team Members and owners/managers will act in a professional manner in the pit area