ProBuilds Racing Team


Valentina Roa Sanchez – Downhill & Enduro – Pro Women
2020 Colombian Junior Champion in Downhill & Enduro (Pro DH & Enduro Women)

The biggest threat on the team comes in the smallest package. Valentina is 15 years old and is the Colombian Junior National Downhill and Enduro Champion. Valentina is headed to the United States to race the USAC National Downhill Series, Eastern States Cup, and Downhill Southeast in preparation to race the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup in 2022.

Matt Driscoll – Downhill – Pro Men

2020 Overall Downhill Champion in Eastern States Cup (Pro DH Men)

Matt Driscoll was the 2020 overall Pro Men Downhill Champion in the Eastern States Cup (ESC) Downhill series. He was also the 2019 ESC overall Junior Expert Downhill champion.

Cameron Mader – Downhill – Pro Men

2020 3rd Overall in Eastern States Cup Downhill & 5th Overall in National Downhill Series (Pro DH Men)

In 2020, Cameron Mader placed 5th overall in the National Downhill Series and was 3rd overall in the ESC Downhill series in Pro Men DH category.

Jack Dichiara – Downhill – Pro Men

2020 Overall Champion in both Eastern States Cup & Downhill Southeast (Junior Expert) → will race Pro DH Men in 2021

Jack Dichiara was the 2020 DH Junior Expert Champion in both the Downhill Southeast and ESC series. Although he is only 17, he will race in the Pro Men class for 2021.

Adrian Hayden – Enduro – Pro Men

2020 Overall Enduro Champion in Eastern States Cup (U20 Men) → will race Pro Enduro Men in 2021

Adrian Hayden placed 2nd overall in the 2020 ESC Enduro Championships in U20 Men category.

Patrick Kozmann – Downhill & Enduro – Junior Expert & 20 and Under

2019 2nd Overall in Eastern States Cup Enduro (U15)

Catch this kid pitted with waves breaking behind him or throwing whips on Highland’s Freebird, but either way, he’s always throwing down.

Nick Robertson – Team Photographer/Videographer

Photographer and videographer to the stars and international playboy. Nick is an integral part of our team and our overall hype dude. He also makes us all look good on camera.

Rachel Baxter – Team Manager

Plays a crucial part to make this whole thing possible. She has spent countless hours making sure the team gets taken care of and is the driving force behind the scenes.

Jorge Gomes – Team Owner/Mechanic

The driver, the wrench, and the muscle behind the team…don’t go near the toolbox.

OG – Team Mascot

He is our pit boss, team security, and hype man. Watch out, he’s a habitual face licker.