ProBuilds Racing Team

Valentina Roa Sanchez
(The Latin Assassin) – Pro Women DH
The biggest threat on the team comes in the smallest package. Keep your
eye out for this one.

Dylan Yoder (Ginger Ninja) – Pro DH
Deep thinker? Zen Master?

Lenny Acunta (FreightTrain) – Pro Enduro
No rock, tree, or carbon wheels are safe when Lenny rolls through.

Vince Arena (Face) – Pro Enduro
Racer by day, secret agent by night…Mr. don’t leave your girl around

Matt Smith (Ice Man) – Expert DH
Our very own superhero…what can we say about Matt aside from he rocks!!!

Cristian Suarez (Mini Mao) – Jr Expert DH
Checkers or wreckers, his hair is still going to look good.

Chase Blanchard (Stylez) – Jr Expert Enduro
Mr. Southern hospitality…2020 James Crockett.

Patrick Kozman (Johnny Utah) – Jr Expert DH & Enduro
Catch this kid pitted with waves breaking behind him or throwing whips
on Highland’s Freebird, but either way, he’s always throwing down.

Paulo Martins (Rocket Man) – Senior Expert DH
He is 44 and faster than most of us. Mala is always a threat behind the
tape or behind the grill. He is the people’s champ.

Jason Beckley (Triple OG) – Senior Expert DH
Father, teacher, mentor, and the only man to ever to race every series
in the East Coast since day one.

Rachel Baxter (Boss Lady) – Expert Enduro
Plays the most crucial part to make this whole thing possible. She has
spent countless hours making sure the team gets taken care of.

Nick Robertson (The Great Nicolini) – Team Photographer/Videographer
Photographer to the stars and international playboy

Jorge Gomes (Pit Boss) – Team Owner/Mechanic
Driving force behind the team. The driver, the wrench, the muscle…don’t
go near the tool box.