KATE’S Kids Class

“The 2021 KATE’S KIDS CLASS is made possible by KATE’S REAL FOOD, makers of delicious organic energy bars that #fuelyouradventures.” This class is for racers that will turn 12 years old and younger during 2021. The KATE’S KIDS CLASS will have their own championship and prizing from KATE’S REAL FOOD for the top racers at every Enduro and DH event. But here’s the big news the class participants can receive a free race entry and a free race day lift pass if their parent volunteers for course marshalling during the race, thanks to the MAXXIS ESC, KATES, and the venue.

All racers must have their parents sign a Maxxis ESC and a venue waiver at our onsite registration.  We all really want to grow our sport and feel this is a great way to get the kids started.

The Kate’s Kids Class pre-registration fee is 100% Refunded after a parent volunteers and completes course marshaling for the race on Sunday. We’ll get you on course, give you an ESC Official’s T-Shirt, and an official ESC whistle. All you need is a fun attitude and a cell phone in case of an emergency.

Kate’s Kid Class Racers must register online to be eligible for the refund.

We will be charging the same $10 late fee for onsite registrations and Saturday Lift passes at lift-assisted venues are not included, however they can be purchased online or onsite for a discounted rate.

This class will race the same DH tracks as the pros, go-arounds for features will be available. In the Enduro races, this class will compete on one less race segment.

Racers should be self-sufficient and carry their own hydration, tools and tubes. All Maxxis ESC Rules should be followed by Kate’s Kid Class including assistance and shuttling aspects.

All KATE’S KIDS CLASS racers will be awarded a prize and called up to the podium for pictures at our awards ceremony. The top three will receive Maxis ESC Medals. Racers must be present and in the Awards Picture to receive prizing. 

The racers in the KATE’S KIDS CLASS can only participate in one discipline at Box Showdowns.

Racers must be 12 or younger on December 31, 2021 to be eligible.

Other than what is noted on this page the KATE’S KIDS CLASS will be governed by all the same rules as our other Maxxis ESC racers.

The racers in the KATE’S KIDS CLASS Enduro must stay together with assigned officials during the race. On practice days racers in the class, may practice with a race registered parent or guardian.

Only race registered MAXXIS ESC racers with 2021 MAXXIS Race Plates are allowed on the MAXXIS ESC race tracks or transfers during practice and race day. If a parent wants to ride with their kids they MUST be registered and follow all the MAXXIS ESC Race Rules. We’re sorry but there are NO EXCEPTIONS to this due to insurance requirements.

Brooks, Brad, and Nick will be working with the KATE’S KIDS Enduro racers this season. They all have kids racing in the class. Brooks’ son started racing with the ESC when he was 6 years old. They will meet with the KATE’S KIDS CLASS Racers at our registration area immediately after the racers meeting. They will escort the racers to the start and sweep behind the group throughout the race. The KATE’S KIDS CLASS will be the first group to start but will race on the stages in a different order than our other racers, allowing them ample time to get to the start and complete the race. They might not compete on all the race sections. Often, they will not race the last or a more difficult race section and transfer. The class will start on a different section than everyone else.

The KATE’S KIDS CLASS will be the first group to start. They will compete on the same track as the MAXXIS ESC DH racers. Occasionally they may start the race lower on the hill than everyone else.

Racers Ability
KATE’S KIDS CLASS Racers should be able to ride most trails in a bike park on their own. If there are hard sections they don’t feel comfortable on, then they should walk those sections.

All FIRST TIME U12 Kate’s Kids Racers will be required to ride Saturday with the KATE’S KIDS CLASS group led by a Maxxis ESC Official to ensure their ability and safety of the racer.

We want to make sure they can ride the tracks and have fun. We never want a child to feel intimated or over their head. While we do have racers as young as 6 racing all our enduro events but age doesn’t equate to rider ability. We ask that the racers are able to ride all the trails at the bike park before entering. We want to ensure they have fun and progress. This is not a learn to ride program but rather a learn to race program. Please keep in mind the Maxxis ESC Enduro tracks are some of the most challenging trails in the East.

Please note: KATE’S KIDS may only compete in one discipline per weekend


January 1, 2018: It is with deep regret to inform you, I’ve come to the tough decision to discontinue the ESC North American Downhill Team. We had good success with getting ESC Junior racers to the World Cups and that was our mission. The new UCI/USAC rules makes it impossible for us to inscribe a team and get racers to World Cups thus diminishing our impact to ESC Junior racers.

I was considering refocusing to national events, but Junior Racers don’t need to be on a team to race ProGRTs. Those races are open to all and I can’t provide the kind of support to a “National Team” that other teams can offer.

I feel awful for the racers that were slotted to be on the ESC NADT, they worked hard to get selected and were looking forward to racing World Cups in 2018. I’m sorry and more disappointed than you’ll ever know.

I will search out and find another way to assist the youth of the ESC it’s really important to me to give back to the sport that gave so much to my son and myself.

Thank you to the team’s sponsors and the community for supporting this endeavor, you guys made it all possible !

Special thanks to team manager Sarah Wegiel who put in countless hours with managing the team, registering racers, doing all the paperwork, coordinating travel plans for the team and a whole lot more.


Congratulations to Aidan Casner and Mazie Hayden for being selected to this year’s USA World Championship Team

representing our great nation in Cairns, Australia this September.

Now we have to get them there !!

Please help if you can, any amount. With mass funding we’re hoping to raise enough funds to support their travel to Australia.

Here’s the link to the official announcement

HUGE THANK YOU to the Eastern States Cup bike family, Danny’s Cycles, Thunder Mountain Bike Park, CLIF Bar, Pats Peak Ski Area,Mathieu’s Cycle & Fitness, South Shore Gunite Pools & Spas, Inc.,MOTOREX – Oil of Switzerland for all of the support you have provided the team.

After a successful inaugural season, the Eastern States Cup North American Downhill Team is back in 2017. The team is the first all-junior squad to receive full trade team status from the UCI. The ESC North American Downhill Team is the brainchild of George Ulmer founder of the new CLIF Enduro East and the popular Vittoria Eastern States Cup enduro and downhill series. Ulmer is a huge champion of east coast racing and sees this as an important next step for the sport: “I really want to give back and feel this is a good way to do that. I hope to make this a long term venture as it will help the future of junior downhill racing by providing direct access to World Cup events.”

Last year the ESC North American Downhill Team debuted with nine Junior Experts drawn from the Vittoria ESC ranks. The team had over 130 starts in regional, national and World Cup competitions.

Drew Finish Line Windham

In 2016, the team was represented at every World Cup except Cairns, Australia and nearly every ProGRT and Canada Cup as well as the World Championships at Val di Sole, Italy. The team had 37 podium appearances for the season. The East Coast is fertile ground for developing racing talent.  The ESC North American Downhill Team will keep the competitive pipeline loaded with talent and offer a launching pad for the next generation of young racers. Having a clear path to the highest levels of racing is a huge incentive for young racers. A ten-year-old kid and his parents can now dream big and, with some hard work, make that dream a reality.

The team’s training grounds will again be the Thunder Mountain Bike Park at Berkshire East Ski resort in western Massachusetts. Team members will train there. Danny’s Cycle’s is providing the teams jerseys again this season. While a group of parents and industry professionals will guide the team, including George Ulmer, team owner and manager, Sarah Wegiel, Assistant Team Manager and  Jeb Wallace-Brodeur, Media Manager.

The 2017 ESC North American Downhill Team

Robert Bonometti
The 2017 squad features two returning members. Robert Bonometti hails from Rye, NH and this will be his 7th season racing downhill. Bonometti competed in the Lenzerheide and Mont-Sainte Anne World Cups last season, qualifying for the finals at MSA.

Aidan Casner

The second returning member of the team is Aidan Casner from Montpelier, VT. Casner had seven podium appearances, including two wins, last season and competed at the Lourdes, Lenzerheide and Mont-Sainte Anne World Cups. He missed the finals by one spot at Lenzerheide and qualified at MSA.

Avi Ehrlich

Newcomer Avi Ehrlich, from West Hartford, CT, had a very successful run in Cat 2 before moving up to Junior Expert in 2016. He earned three podium spots at the Cat 1 level last season and plans to hit several of the European World Cups.

Mazie Hayden

The UCI has added a separate junior women’s category this season, and coincidentally the team has its first junior woman member. Mazie Hayden is a world-class ski cross competitor and attends the Killington Mountain School. Hayden is a relative newcomer to DH racing, with only 16 starts under her belt, but her natural athleticism and ski cross mindset have served her well with half of her starts resulting in victories.

Skyler Primack

The fifth member of the team is Skyler Primack from Briarcliff Manor, NY. Primack moved up to Junior Expert in 2016 and has been racing for Team Jersey Homegrown. Skyler has shown a lot of promise and is focused on racing the world.