Boost-It Racing

Boost-It Racing is a youth downhill and enduro mountain bike team based in Glenside PA. Looking for kids 12 to 65 to do some adventure biking on the east coast. From TN to ME come to join the fun and learn how the pros go so fast while you’re at it.

Owen Tharp

Owen Tharp: Riding bikes at 4 yrs old he loved bmx and skateboarding. He quickly jumped to longer travel and faster bikes. Born to ride is how it seamed and descending fast is his style. Owen has ridden organized events for three years and is looking to start finishing on top for 2021. Bike Check; Santa-Cruz V-10 for 2021 The big wheel 29er was his dream bike. Fast and quiet is his style and Boost-it racing was his idea. Sponsored by The Lucky Cupcake, Mom and Dad

Owen Hesdon

Owen Hesdon: He was a quiet kid when he was young and as he grows up keeps getting funnier.
Hitting the half pipe was one of Owens favorite things to do while skating. After a while he moved onto mountain bikes, riding trails with our friends Art & Owen Tharp. From there we were all riding anywhere that looked the gnarliest.
Owen has done well the past 2 years as a NICA team rider and has enjoyed weekends at the bike park. He is looking forward to a more challenging setting in the ESC racing DH and enduro for the 2021 season. Bike Check; M-16 C with Fox factory fork. Sponsored by Mom and Dad friends and family.

Art Tharp

Art Tharp: Lifelong rider of BMX, Cyclocross, Enduro, Downhill, allways just for the fun of it.  Three years of organized events with ESC and Downhill Southeast I’m looking forward to more consistent finish times in 2021

Bike Check: Intense M-29 – Intense Tracer

# 755  55+ Team owner and sponsor

Sponsors are ABC Home Sales, MacElree Harvey Law firm, Mountain Trail Paddle Boards & Bikes, The Lucky Cupcake

Steve Hesdon

Steve Hesdon team owner and rider: I’ve been working trenches for the last 21 yrs as a water utility contractor. I’ve been back on a bike for about the last 6 yrs. I got into enduro/DH riding after team co-founder Art took me and Owen with our budget-friendly hard-tails on a trip to Blue Mountain. From there we were hooked. As far as my thoughts for the team, I’m looking for a chance to share the fun of hanging on the Mountain, challenging ourselves, and helping our racers push themselves to the finish line.

Lucas Huenke

Lucas Huenke: He joined the local NICA team in 6th grade. He also did his first ESC race that year in Glen Park. He rode that ESC Enduro on a 100mm xc hard tail riding most of stage 3 with a flat tire and never looked back. Since that first Enduro Lucas has ridden and raced at the Glen, Blue Mountain, Big Bear WV, Mountain Creek, and Burke VT. This season Lucas will be devoting his riding time to Boost-it Racing in 2021. Lucas is sponsored by Mom, Dad and rides Intense

Dillan Arnold

Dillan Arnold: New to the racing scene, Dillan is 18 years old from Berks County, Pennsylvania. Dillan started riding at a young age, just discovering mountain biking at 14. He loves going fast on the gnarliest trails and pushing his limits. With 2020 being his first season racing enduro, he is looking to put in some good results for the 2021 season. When Dillan isn’t on his bike, he is behind a camera with his passion for film and cinematography.

David Vanezia

David Vanezia: David loves sports is a skilled athlete in hockey, baseball and motocross, in 2020 he crossed over to mountain biking. He loves the speed and intensity of downhill riding and has an interest in pursuing the sport at the highest competitive level. When he’s not out riding David can be found pursuing his passion for photography and media; he is studying these topics a Montclair State University.

Jim Vanezia

Jim Vanezia: Jim has a lifelong passion for fitness and physical performance, he did some mountain biking in mid-’80s on rigid frame bikes and got back on a mountain bike in 2020; it quickly became an extension of this passion. His favorite thing about mountain biking is the way it pushes him to hone his physical skills with emphasis on balance, awareness, and endurance. When he’s not riding, he is found applying his professional skills in the field of insurance and risk management.

Tim Huenke: My name is Tim Huenke. I’m one of the founders of Boost It Racing along with Art Tharp and Steven Hesdon. I wanted to give my son Lucas a platform where he could get the social aspects of a team along with doing the type of riding that he loves to do. Forming a youth/parent
oriented Enduro and DH team seemed like the best way to do it. Myself, along with Art and Steve got together and Boost It Racing was born. We really want to help provide a platform and supportive environment for kids where they would be able to grow their skills and get some real
racing experiences. Nothing builds confidence like learning how to tackle a legit enduro course or a highly technical downhill course. Learning riding skills while hanging out with your teammates, is a great way for kids to grow and gain all the benefits that a team environment provides.
I’m hoping that Boost It Racing has an excellent season this year. I’ll be helping my daughter Chloe do her first season of DH racing along with racing in the 50+ category. Maybe I’ll even beat Art and Steve down the hill!

Chloe Crusher: Chloe began trail riding at 5 years old with her family. She enjoys all types of adventure activities including zip-lining, rope courses, rock climbing, archery, skateboarding, and downhill mountain biking. Chloe has been actively involved in the Little Bellas mountain bike program
for girls since she was 7. She hopes to become a mentor in the Little Bellas program when she is old enough and give back to the mountain bike community. Chloe has ridden in French Creek, Burke Vt., Nockamixon, Allegrippis, Blue Mountain, and our local trails. Chloe got a taste of
downhill riding two years ago at Blue and has decided to join the team this year to focus on building her downhill skills. Crusher loves to push herself to the limit and really enjoys the adrenaline rush and feeling of accomplishment that comes from adventure sports.