Hey DH Racers, I recently posted changes to our Master’s Class and a post about proposed changes to the #maxxisesc DH classes.

As the posts gathered comments, I realized I was proposing the changes based on my gut feelings which is never a great way to base decisions, so I looked at attendance numbers and there were some surprises.

Total attendance grew in 2019 and has been increasing steadily over the past 10 years of the series existence, not only is that great but that’s why Rich and I started the ESC in the first place. But that’s not the surprising what is the explosion of the amateur classes especially after we combined a some of the amateur classes a few years back. The reason we did was the lack of amateur entries.

Another surprise was the number of entries in the expert classes has declined. (don’t worry we are not changing the expert classes this year). The Pro field is strong and growing, while the Women’s fields have been consistent.

Our Masters Class is surprisingly strong and lead 3 of the 4 Men’s expert classes in attendance.

Here’s a list of our 2019 Classes in order of number of total entries:

  1. Amateur 16-29 (cat 2/3)
  2. Pro Men (pro)
  3. Amateur 30-45 (cat 2/3)
  4. Youth U15 (15 and Under)
  5. Expert 30-39 (cat1)
  6. Masters 50+ {(cat 1/2/3) and 45+ (cat 2/3)}
  7. Expert 15-18 (cat1)
  8. CLIF Kids U12 (12 and under)
  9. Expert 19-29 (cat1)
  10. Expert 40+ (cat1)
  11. Amateur Women (Cat 2/3)
  12. Pro/Expert Women (pro and cat1)

While we are still deciding the 2020 Maxxis ESC DH racer classes, I can say 100% we will be increasing Amateur classes for 2020. I have never been a fan of so many DH race classes, however with continued growth the increases Amateur Classes make sense for 2020.

The struggle for the series is prizing that many classes in the manner we have while at the same time sponsors are reducing the prizing available to us. Something most/all racers do not realize is we pay for a lot of the prizing we give out. BUT we’ll get it sorted.

The Future of DH racing is looking great at the Maxxis Eastern States Cup !